10 Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS Plan Management

10 Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS Plan Management

NDIS, or the National disability insurance scheme, is the Australian government’s initiative to provide funding to eligible citizens. It helps them accomplish their goals and live as independently as possible. After applying with the NDIA, National Disability Insurance Agency, there is a planning meeting wherein the participants can inform the NDIA about how they would like to manage their NDIS plan.

Here you can choose either of the 3 options, i.e., the agency manages the funds, you self-manage, or you appoint an NDIS plan manager in Melton. Setting the best NDIS plan manager can seem to be the proper way to acquire the most out of the plan, but there can be multiple doubts regarding the same. With this blog, we intend to answer the frequently asked questions about NDIS plan management so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s begin-

What is NDIS Plan Management?

After the approval of your NDIS plan, the participants must choose how they would like to manage their plan. The participants must decide who will help them implement the NDIS plan effectively by gaining the best benefits in the available funding. There are 3 ways in which a participant can choose to manage their plan-

Self-managed: When the participants decide to manage their plans, it’s called self-managed. It helps the participants to exercise their choice and choose how to use their plan to meet the goals.

Agency-managed: Participants entrust the NDIS registered providers to claim the funding by choosing the option agency-managed. NDIA will, however, manage the records of your spending.

Plan management: When a plan manager manages your NDIS funding and helps to make the most of it, it’s called plan management. A plan manager will work with you to develop a budget for your NDIS funds, help you to find providers, and manage invoices and payments.

Who can use NDIS Plan Management?

Every NDIS participant can approach an NDIS plan manager in Melton and use their management services to get the most out of the NDIS plan.

How much does NDIS Plan Management cost?

There is no definite answer to the costs of appointing a plan manager to manage the NDIS funding. The NDIS provides adequate funds for plan management under the Capacity Building Supports.

Sometimes the NDIS plan management may charge a percentage of the funding, while the rest may be a flat fee.

What are the benefits of having an NDIS Plan Manager?

There are many benefits to using an NDIS plan manager in Melton. These include-

  • Freedom to choose the desired providers regardless of whether they are registered or not
  • Hassle-free claim processing
  • Enjoy the meticulous fund planning and tracking experience of plan managers
  • Ease of mind knowing that your funding is well managed
  • NDIS funding includes the cost of plan management, so no additional charge is required

Can I change my Plan Manager?

The NDIS works entirely in favour of its participants, so if you need to change the plan manager, you can easily do so. If you’re not happy with the NDIS plan manager in Melton and want to switch, you can do so. You can also opt for self-management anytime if you feel like you can handle your finances again.

Can the Best NDIS Plan Manager Help Find a Suitable Provider?

Yes, the NDIS plan managers in Melton or your neighbourhood have access to different providers. If you opt to self-manage your plan, you can only access registered providers, while unregistered ones can provide better services. By working with the best NDIS plan management in Melton, you can broaden your options and find the best provider.

What happens if I use all my funding?

If you use all your funding before the end of your financial year, you will need to either apply for more funding from the NDIA or wait until the start of the new financial year to receive more funding.

Do I have to pay GST on goods and services purchased through my Plan Manager?

No, you do not have to pay GST on goods and services purchased through your plan manager. The funding for an NDIS participant is GST-free if they meet all the following requirements-

  • The participant has an NDIS plan in effect
  • Participants use the funding to purchase reasonable and necessary supports

Will my Plan Manager be able to see all my NDIS records?

Yes, Your NDIS plan manager in Melton will be able to see all information related to your funding, including your budget, invoices, payment history, and provider information. However, they will not be able to see any personal information about you unless you give them explicit permission.

Can the NDIS participant choose a Plan Manager?

Yes, the participant has the authority to choose the best NDIS plan manager. There are many plan managers near your locality who can provide you with the best services. The participants must work with someone easy to work with, compassionate, and willing to listen. They must be trustworthy and capable enough to support you through the NDIS journey.

Following are a few ways to find the best NDIS plan manager in Melton-

  • Ask the Local Area Coordinator for references
  • Search on the NDIS my place participant portal
  • Ask your family and friends
  • Search ‘NDIS Plan Managers Near Me’ on Google to find options

Summing Up

Finding the best NDIS plan manager in Melton can help you make the best use of the NDIS funding. They have ample experience providing services to participants and can utilise them to deliver the best to you. With them, you shall get leads to highly accomplished providers who render services at reasonable costs. Working with a plan manager can help you get the best service at optimum prices.

Sky Plan Management is a highly efficient person-centred registered plan management that can offer exceptional services to provide you with the best. Here is a quick peek into what Sky Plan Management has to offer-

  • Quick and Accurate Payments
  • Effective Utilisation of NDIS Plan
  • Assistance from the NDIS specialists
  • All the above at zero cost to you

To learn more about Sky Plan Management, visit their website :  https://www.skyplanmanagement.com.au/ndis-plan-management-queensland/gold-coast/ or call 1300 103 787.


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