10 Signs of a Good Web Design

10 Signs of a Good Web Design

How to create a website that offers a user-friendly experience? Well, It can be tricky to know whether you are creating a website with a smooth experience or getting caught in the cobweb of complex interfaces and inconsistent typefaces.  To find a lasting solution to this dilemma, follow the post till the end!

There are as many opinions on this as there are websites on the server, still, we’ve found some signs to be more common than others. Whether you’re doing an eCommerce website yourself or hiring someone else, knowing what makes good web design will surely give you the best results. In this blog, we have mentioned all the top ten signs of a good eCommerce web design that you must consider before choosing one.

Ways to Choose a Perfect Web Design

1. Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the first and most important aspect of good web design, meaning that the essential elements on the page should be the most prominent and easy to see and understand. Web design loaded with visual hierarchy features that are meaningful is a good source to keep the visitors stay on the website for a longer period. Also, while choosing a web design, ensure getting the one that has a visual hierarchy that engages the visitors and isn’t present only for a style purpose, A well-designed website will have a clear visual hierarchy that is easy for users to navigate

2. Easy Navigation

Web users are impatient, and they want to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Good eCommerce web design ensures that navigation is intuitive and easy to understand. Organise and frame your content in a way that makes sense, using clear labels and simple menus. And use visual cues to guide users through your site.

3. Intuitive Layout

A well-designed website will have an intuitive layout. It means the user can easily find what they are looking for without getting confused. The navigation should be easy to understand and use and it is helpful if each page has links to other pages and links back to the homepage. Information and other features must be concise and easy to read. Every image on the site should align with one another, rather than looking like disjointed elements floating on each other.

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4. Responsive Layout

A responsive layout is one of the most important aspects of a good website. A responsive layout ensures that your website will look great no matter what device you use to view the content. Plus, a responsive layout is essential for improving your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Some other important aspects of a good web design include:

  • A clear and easy-to-navigate structure
  • Fast loading speed

5. Professional Look and Feel

A professional-looking website will instil trust in your visitors. Good web design uses clean lines, easy-to-read fonts, and a minimalistic colour scheme. These elements can get together to create a sleek and modern look that helps your website stand out from the rest. Professionalism is essential in marketing because people are more likely to trust you if they believe you know what you’re doing.

6. Well Organised Content

Your content on every page should be well organised and easy to navigate. It will help users find what they’re looking for and keep returning for more.

  • A clean, uncluttered look: An orderly site will make it easier for your visitors to focus on the essential parts of your message.
  • Images that match the text: Images that don’t match the text can be confusing or off-putting. For example, pictures of an American diner probably won’t work very well if you are discussing Paris restaurants. So, consider choosing photos that are relatable to your content.

7. Speed Performance

Good website always considers speed performance. A well-designed website should load quickly and be easy to navigate. If a website is slow or difficult to use, visitors will likely leave and not return. The navigation should be clear and straightforward so that users don’t have trouble finding what they’re looking for. It’s also essential that the site doesn’t take too long to download on different devices. So, maintaining the speed is essential.

8. Function over Style

A great website has much more than just a technically advanced look. But in today’s world, first impressions are everything. A potential customer will decide whether your site is worth their time based on its looks. That’s why style is so important. But it’s not the only thing that should be taken care of – a good web design must also be functional. It should work quickly and reliably on all browsers and devices (including mobile). It should have easy navigation and well-organised content.

9. Custom Fonts

A well-designed website will use custom fonts rather than the default ones. It is because custom fonts add personality and uniqueness to a website, making it stand out from the rest. Additionally, custom fonts are often more readable than default ones, which is essential for usability. For example, Didot is a font that we can read even when enlarged. Lastly, these fonts will almost always be easier to find on any device or browser compared to their default counterpart.

10. Clean and Bug-free Code

A well-designed website should have clean code that is easy to read and understand. The code should be free of any bugs, and it should be well documented so that anyone can understand it. The website should also be user-friendly and easy to access. It should be accessible from all search engines and devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones). The site needs to work well on mobile devices as more people use their phones for the internet.

Wrap Up

The qualities may not be apparent at first glance, but once you learn what to look for, you’ll instantly know whether a site was designed well. Thinking back to your favourite websites, you’ll probably see many of the abovementioned signs. So, if you’re considering choosing a web design, remember to check on the signs and hire the professional web design agency like Make My Website.


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