5 Best Free Android Spy Apps 2022


The past eras report, technology has been the only factor that has determined our lives’ easier. Spying is a tool to guard your world. Therefore, we will give you a short trip of the 5 best free android spy apps 2022. There are billions of cell phone users, which ultimately causes an increase in online abuse and digital crimes. Building a healthy environment for online programming is the goal of android spy apps. We take this as our responsibility to shield you and your family from online abuse and cybercrime. Make yourself aware of these five best free android spy apps. Don’t bother yourself by thinking about how a spy app would be free. They are free one way or another.

5 Best Free Android Spy Apps 2022 [Updated Review]

  • TheWiSpy

It is a multi-tasker app. One can use it for parental control and spying on employees, too; with one click, you can remotely observe your target’s actions. You can easily check all of their instant messages and calls. You may check your spouse’s GPS location with this free spyware app.


  • Listen to surroundings through a microphone
  • Trace the live location and view its history
  • Block browser and see social media apps
  • Spy on camera
  • Record call logs

Free Demo

Although it is the top paid spy app for androidit gives its users a free demo. You can monitor it before buying, as customer satisfaction is their first choice.

  • iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a user-friendly parental control app. Moreover, it records keystrokes, screenshots, website history, phone calls, and other activities. It gives you the authority to block any website or game.


  • See social media applications and text messages
  • View Gmail
  • Receive real-time notification
  • Geo-fencing
  • View Wi-Fi history

Free Demo

It offers a free trial to its buyers for 30 days. Get yourself used to it and make your decision to purchase it officially.

  • PcTattletale

PcTallelate will make you a detective, and you can spy on a target device and monitor emails, conversations, social media posts, websites, and more. You may also follow real-time locations with it. Get your spy app paid after the free trial.


  • Download and record video
  • Real-time screen monitoring
  • View social media apps
  • Track SMS and contacts
  • See incoming & outgoing calls

Free Demo

PcTattletale provides a seven-day free trial. Make yourself familiar with the app and its features before buying it.

  • mSpy

It enables you to easily watch your target’s activity remotely. You can quickly check all of their contact list and SMS. Go through the GPS location of your spouse’s device remotely with this free software.


  • See social media apps
  • Block websites
  • GPS tracker
  • Screen Recorder
  • Key logger

Free Demo

A free trial is available for you. Get it before getting a long-month purchase. Buy android spy app after experiencing its features.

  • HoverWatch

Parents can utilise HoverWatch to receive regular reports on all the activities and locations of the target phone user. You can watch over many devices with the same device. It enables you to monitor your kids’ mobile and defend them from internet threats.


Free Demo

Enjoy its three days free trials and explore the spying world.


You must be confused about purchasing or opting for free trials of the above spy apps. You won’t be able to decide about the best cell phone spy app for android as the list is long. TheWiSpy is our recommendation because of its unlimited features. All the spy apps provide free trials; now, you need to look for features and price levels. It makes itself advanced by adding new spying features such as listening to the surrounding voices and a Gmail tracker. The final call is yours but let us tell you it is friendly in terms of pocket. Once you have decided that you will go for the official buying procedure, we should inform you that TheWiSpy is the only app that provides a six-month basic plan only at $5.99. Get its bumper offer of a flat 40% discount.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to spy on any phone, you need to get through the above spy apps. See their features and match them with your need. Know which one is cheap and has unlimited features. Afterwards, you are ready to opt for your choice.

Wrap Up

Installing surveillance software may be against the law of your country. You should consult your legal counsel to determine whether downloading, installing, and using the licensed software is legal or not. If the answer is yes, then make your decision and feel confident by choosing any above 5 best free android spy apps 2022. Protect your life and loved ones by accessing any of these apps. Move with the world and speed your life with technology



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