5 Interesting Career Paths in the Oil and Gas Industry

oil and gas industry

When choosing the perfect career path, it’s wise to think about more than your talents and interests but to also look at market trends and statistics. Choosing an industry that is healthy and robust, and posting impressive numbers with no signs of slowing is typically a wise approach. The oil and gas industry is certainly one that could fit into this category. While it took a hit in 2020 due to the pandemic, it has rebounded quite well and oil prices have been climbing steadily through 2021 and then rapidly in 2022. 

If you’re thinking of forging a career path for yourself in the oil and gas industry, here are five interesting jobs you may want to consider.

Oil and Gas Accountant

If you’ve got a thing for numbers or you’re a CPA, you may want to look into becoming an oil and gas accountant. This is an accountant that specializes in the oil in the gas industry, which means being aware of the current trends, news, practices and so forth. The online CPE courses for accountants are perfect for CPAs, APAs, sole practitioners or oil and gas accountants. The online CPE courses for accountants give you up-to-date insights that you need to do your job well, giving you an edge over others.

Hydrographic Surveyor

Here’s a very specific job that has the task of mapping the surface under the water. A hydrographic surveyor tends to work offshore and on ships so that they can take proper measurements and make sure maps are accurate. The bodies of water can include oceans, lakes, and rivers. They will also measure the tide, currents and depth of the water. To perform their job accurately they will be using very high-tech tools and equipment for which you’ll need training.

Petroleum Engineer

Engineers work in all different industries and sectors and the job of a petroleum engineer is highly targeted and important. They are typically involved in all aspects of the industry which includes assessment, development and even production. The job can be broken down even further with such positions as a production engineer, reservoir engineer, and drilling engineer. This gives a wide array of options for different interests, skill sets, and training/education.

If your job takes you offshore to the site, then you can expect the hours to be long and typically in shifts of two weeks on and then two weeks off. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for petroleum engineers in 2021 was $130,850. The job outlook through to 2030 is positive with growth expected to match that of the national average.


If you excel in chemistry, science, and geology then the job of a geologist in the oil gas industry could be attractive. These professionals use their skills to discover where gas and oil deposits exist, which makes them vital. You’ll be required to make visits to specified sites so that you can assess and make determinations about minerals, rocks, components, soil, and nature. As you collect data, you’ll also need to map your findings and keep the company updated.

This is a highly technical job that, again, requires training, education and experience. You’ll be working with various tools and computerized equipment, plus you’ll be responsible for writing reports and technical papers. In terms of median pay for geoscientists, BLS has it listed as $83,680 in 2021 and this field is keeping pace with the national job growth average.


Here’s a job you don’t usually hear much about, but again, it is incredibly important in the industry. As a mudlogger, your job is to monitor all the drilling activity taking place. This also includes recording and making status reports. This tends to be a labor-intensive job with long shifts, so it’s meant for those who don’t mind putting in hard work. Like other jobs in the industry, you may be offered a position at an offshore rig, which means you’d likely work 12 hours shifts.

As you can see, the oil and gas industry is not only growing and doing well, but it offers several intriguing job paths that you can look into. Many of these jobs pay quite a healthy salary too, making them all the more attractive.


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