5 Myths Behind Utilizing Herbs For Energy


Since the herb entered the western world, it’s become increasingly popular among people. As people are becoming aware of its benefits, more and more people are using it. 

But along with this popularity has come a great deal of myths. People are continuously talking about herbs myths while the truth remains hidden. Also, even health authorities like the FDA are twisting facts about it. Therefore, this article clearly outlines five myths and facts about herbs usage. These myths will help you validate the misinformation circulating on the market.  

  1. Each Strain Is Derived from a Unique PlantIf you go to the market to buy kratom, you will find many different kratom strains. Kratom strains include Malay, Sumatra, Maeng Da, Borneo, and Vein Kratom. These kratoms are indicated by different colors of the veins of the leaf. All three different colors are white, Green, and Red. Therefore, you will find the kratom name with the combination of kratom type and color. For example, White vein kratom. Learn more about strains of white vein kratom. 

    But when you research these kratoms, you will find many people believe that each strain is derived from a unique plant. It simply isn’t true. All kratom is derived from one plant species that is Mitragyna Speciosa. 

    Whereas the name of the kratom strain indicates the region the kratom was grown in and how it was processed. Kratom grown in different regions has different properties.  

    1. It Is Non-AddictiveMany kratom users believe that consuming kratom is non-addictive, and they regularly consume it. But the myth that kratom is not addictive can harm their health.  

      Although kratom is indeed less addictive than substances used to replace it, like opiates, it can still form a lot of dependency in the long term.  

      1. It is Dangerous

      One of the biggest and most common myths about kratom is it’s dangerous. While there might be some risks like drug interaction or side effects, the myth that kratom is inherently dangerous or deadly has no scientific basis. Even to date, there haven’t been any death reports from kratom that didn’t involve the use of other drugs or any underlying health issue.   

      In fact, Kratom is not dangerous and is used to overcome addictions to a drug that are dangerous to your health.  

      1. Causes False Positive Drug TestsAs Kratom may contain several compounds that affect opioid receptors, many people believe that kratom can cause a positive drug test for opiate drugs like heroin.  

        However, kratom has an entirely different molecular structure, which means it won’t be detected by any drug test looking for opiate drugs.  

        1. Is Regularly Smoked and Injected

        Some kratom users have tried snorting or smoking kratom, but the vast majority quickly decided one is enough. There are two big reasons for this: 

        Firstly, the amount of kratom powder needed to smoke or snort to produce any effect makes it unusable in this form. 

        Secondly, snorting raw plant material is generally a bad idea. It quickly blocks your sinuses making you feel uncomfortable. Injecting kratom powder is also a bad idea. Even if you can suck the kratom powder through a syringe, the risk of injecting powdered plant material into your veins is high. It can prove extremely dangerous and cause severe injury, if not death.  

        Here are a few additional facts about kratom that can provide more insight into the kratom world.  

        1. Kratom Is Legal in the United States

        While in some states, kratom possession, purchase, or use is illegal, the plant is legal at the federal level. As per the Controlled Substance Act, kratom is classified under unprohibited items.  

        1. Kratom Leaves Can Be Chewed Straight Off the Tree

        These days kratom mainly comes in powdered form; however, in the early day, kratom leaves were chewed fresh.  

        Kratom leaves can be chewed for extra strength and endurance during long workdays. You can simply pluck a few kratom leaves and pop them in your mouth to boost energy. But remember, chewing kratom leads to delayed effects as it generally requires a relatively large amount of chewed kratom to produce any sedating or pain-killing effect.  

        1. Kratom Was Illegal in Thailand at One Time

        Although Kratom grows naturally in Thailand, it was illegal in Thailand at one time. The Thai government sped much misinformation to convince people that kratom was unsafe and dangerous. However, things have changed today.  

        Earlier, the government had a monopoly on the opium trade. As kratom contains an alkaloid that causes similar effects to opium and is easier to obtain, most people in Thailand prefer kratom over opium. Also, it was discovered that kratom could be effective in helping people to overcome serious opium addiction.  

        Due to these reasons, the Thai government lost a lot of opium customers and realized the kratom plant didn’t have any inherent dangers. After this, the government removed all the restrictions on kratom use.  


        There are several myths about herbs circulating in the market. Organizations generally spread these myths with a financial interest in suppressing kratom. But if you follow the correct details mentioned above, you can use herbs better. 


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