5 reasons to get NCA certified

NCA certified

The National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) conducts the NCA assessment for law graduates from outside Canada to prove their knowledge of Canadian law. NCA is a committee of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada which aims to ensure that the public interest regarding the Canadian law system is protected.

The NCA exam tests your knowledge of the law and assesses your practical experience before providing you with a certificate of qualification. International lawyers or Canadian citizens who studied law outside the country require this certificate to practice anywhere in Canada.

Read on to find out why getting NCA certified is worthy and mandatory as a lawyer in Canada.

Get Licensed

If you are a lawyer or recent law graduate from any country outside Canada and you wish to practice in any of the Canadian provinces, an NCA certification is a mandatory requirement. Qualifying the NCA assessment is proof that your understanding of Canadian law is similar to any other Canadian law graduate.

An NCA certification will allow you to practice law in Canadian provinces subject to the eligibility criteria for lawyers in the respective provinces.

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Understand the Canadian law

The NCA examinations are self-paced open book examinations conducted multiple times a year. It tests the educational qualifications and professional experience of the candidates. Preparing for the NCA exam gives you an understanding of Canadian law and jurisdiction which makes the transition to a new legal system easier and more convenient. The NCA exams are a pathway to learning the foundations of Canadian law.

Explore career opportunities

Getting NCA certified validates your understanding of Canadian law and systems. Sometimes, you must attend barrister exams after this to be qualified to practice law in certain provinces. However, once you get licensed you can practice as a lawyer in courts or as a legal advisor in various organizations. This provides you with an opportunity to explore diverse cultures and understand different people.

Work in secure and flexible conditions

Practicing law in Canada provides you with flexible opportunities and job security. You can find work in government agencies or corporations and wherever you work the environment is respectable and of standard quality. Unlike other jobs, you could set your working hours and decide your expenses. You can also avail benefits such as alternative work schedules, telecommuting, a competitive pay scale, paid leaves, etc.

Earn lucrative salaries

Lawyers and attorneys in Canada earn lucrative salaries annually. Once you qualify for the NCA and barrister exams, you can start practicing law in the country which makes you eligible to avail these perks and benefits. According to Glassdoor, a lawyer in Canada earns an average annual salary of $1,09,408 per year. Additionally, there are bonuses and pay raises every year.

If you wish to be a part of the Canadian legal system, start preparing for the NCA examinations. Study using the previous year’s papers and understand the concepts thoroughly while you prepare for the NCA assessment.


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