5 ways to style a modern Lederhosen men’s wear


Do you wish to rock your Lederhosen men’s wear at Oktoberfest? If so, you are at the right place and just in time. Oktoberfest is around the corner, and just like women prepping up to style their dirndl dresses, you should do it too.

Nonetheless, it’s the most celebrated time of year, and you should put your best foot forward. 

The latest fashion trends are ever-evolving. You can never stick to one fashion for the rest of your life. For Lederhosen, you have to follow the same rule. The reason is that it has come a long way. A contemporary German Lederhosen outfit doesn’t look the same as in the 19th century.

To have a fair comparison between ancient Lederhosen men’s wear and contemporary ones, let’s have a brief analysis.

What did Lederhosen men look like in the 19th century?

A Lederhosen was nothing more than working-class men’s wear. It was usually worn by men working in Bavaria and Austria mountainous areas. It consisted of a shirt, trachten and shorts. It had no fancy price tag or detailed embroidery. However, the fact that it was made of leather remained unchanged.

These pieces of clothing make up a Lederhosen. The cheaper factor made it a perfect choice for the labour class. 

Nonetheless, a Lederhosen is no longer a working man’s choice. It has become a popular fashion trend. 

Let’s look at how you can style one and make an impact while donning a German Lederhosen outfit at Oktoberfest.

How to make a German Lederhosen outfit mesmeric?

Oktoberfest has gained immense popularity in the past few years. The festival is open to anyone who wishes to enjoy a German tradition. Moreover, to spice things up, a German Lederhosen outfit is a must-have for every man.

The pure essence of a traditional fest like Oktoberfest is traditional attire. If you aren’t wearing one, you won’t be able to gel in with natives.

We are here to make you the most desirable men at Oktoberfest. 

Are you excited to know what we have for you in store? Great! Let’s dive in.

  1. Bavarian checkered shirt

Vintage Lederhosen menswear consisted of a white cotton shirt. Labour class daily wear must be simple and accessible for all. However, today a Lederhosen is much more than work attire. It is the most trendy outfit for men. What makes it desirable? Well, it does give you a more heroic look than any other formal attire. 

You can pair a contemporary Lederhosen with a Bavarian checkered shirt to give it a fascinating look. 

  1. Authentic leather colour

 A Lederhosen can be other than in its original leather colour. You can opt for grey, black and green colours too. It’s all about how you want your Lederhosen to look. You can pull it off in any colour if you have a great fashion sense. It’s all about joining all the pieces together appropriately.

Nonetheless, earth-toned colours will be the first choice when it comes to a traditional German Lederhosen outfit. It is because it reminds you of the mountainous areas and the pure essence of a Lederhosen. Also, authentic leather colour will give a rugged look. 

  1. German shoes

Attending an Oktoberfest means looking like a native from head to toe. There is no better way to style a Lederhosen than a German shoe. These shoes are hand-made and will catch attention in a split second. You must opt for a traditional shoe to add a classic German touch. However, as per the latest trends, it has evolved and looks better than the previous version. What’s eye-catchy is its side-tie lace with delicate embroidery. Moreover, the shades of brown also make it even more desirable.

  1. Chiavari

Want to keep up with traditional and modern trends in your German Lederhosen outfit? Well, it is easier than you think. A Chiavari chain worn as a belt will make your outfit stand out effortless. It adds a more manly look to traditional attire. The chunky chain made of silver-plated is adorned with ornaments and trinkets which remind you of Bavarian tradition.

  1. Traditional hats

An alpine hat is best to beat the heat while maintaining a contemporary look. Oktoberfest is a day event. You might need to carry an umbrella or a hat to avoid sunlight. And what better way to do it than to opt for an Alpine hat? You can even customize it by adorning it with feathers or pins.

Make a German Lederhosen outfit your trademark by styling as per your own choice. However, you can explore many Lederhosen for sale offers online to get one.

How to get the best Lederhosen full dress on sale?

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