7 Things To Do In Brno In 2022

Do In Brno

Located in the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, Brno is also one of the most intriguing. It’s been dubbed “Little Vienna” and the “Hidden Heart of Europe” for a reason. Because Brno is the historical capital of Moravia, which is the country’s second most ancient region, and Prague is the historical capital of Bohemia. You may learn about the fascinating history of the region and take in the gorgeous architecture of Brno when you visit.

While Prague is a wonderful option if you’ve already been there. Brno is an excellent choice for a weekend or longer stay. So, if you are wondering about visiting there soon with your family or friends. Without any doubt, start planning, book ryanair reservations online hassle-free. Also, save up to 40% off on every flight till the last minute. Still, if you’re stumped on what to do in Brno? This guide to the city’s main attractions over the course of two or three days should help you find an answer.

The castle of Spilberk

Pilberk, also known as Spielberg in German, stands on a hill opposite Petrov Hill in the city. At first, it served as a symbol of safety and security for the city’s residents before it was turned into a jail known as “the prison of the nations” under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when nationalists, particularly Italians, were imprisoned. A medieval castle was built in the 13th century. As the current home of Brno’s City Museum, it serves as a significant cultural node.

Rome’s Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral

Even currency depicts the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. Which was built on top of Petrov Hill in Brno and is considered to be the finest achievement of both the city and the nation. The baroque architecture dominates the temple’s interior, which was renovated in the 18th century following the Swedish siege of the city. The Gothic style dominates the building’s exterior.

Namesti Svoboda is the name of the town.

To visit Brno, one must spend some time in the city’s major square. During the morning hours, the area is bustling with people enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the many restaurants that line it. It is the throbbing heart of the old part of the city. Instead of coffee, taverns serve Czech beer and Moravian wine in the square at night. As a result of its historical significance and its proximity to numerous historic buildings, City Hall Square serves as an ever-evolving museum. 

This region also features a modern and fascinating monument. For those who are patient enough to wait, a modest token is given to them each day in the form of a small piece of memorabilia. The reason she’s the subject of so many jokes will become clear to you after you learn more about her.

The Uvozna Cafe

If you want to see how the locals cook food, here is the place to go. The meat comes from local butchers, the bread and pastries come from a local Brno bakery, and everything else on the menu is made right there in the restaurant. Naturally, you’ll be able to sample some of the best Czech brews.

A bar that doesn’t exist.

In Brno, what should you see and where should you go? That tavern doesn’t exist? Of course, you should go there for a beer. This is the name of the pub in Brno that is commonly regarded as the city’s hippest. In addition to the honor of being the best Czech bar in the country, it has been nominated for a number of other distinctions. In the heart of the city, this is one of the city’s most popular hangouts, and we strongly urge that you try one of the bartenders’ cocktails.

Brno’s geographic center

It has already been established that the core part of Brno isn’t a huge area. This part of town is considered pedestrian since trams still run through it, so it’s easy to get around on foot.

Svobody Namesti, which translates to “freedom square,” is the focal point of the region. There is a stunning facade with painted designs and animals on this square.

The vista, though, is a little tarnished by the addition of new buildings. Despite this, there is some positive news: There are no squalor-filled towers in the core district, and these types of buildings are still in the minority.

In the middle of nowhere

Brno’s old town hall, which was built in the Gothic style, can be found in the city’s central area. There is a rumor that the architect intentionally skewed one of the arrows on its exterior because he was unhappy with his compensation. Crocodile lurks beneath the porch of Brno, where it is known as the “dragon.”


Located a little further away, the new town hall of Brno was built in the Baroque style and is larger. We had to go through numerous beautiful courtyards to get to the Museum of Decorative Arts, which is located just behind the old town hall. So why wait? Plan your trip with AirlinesMap and customize your Europe holiday packages itself for a hassle-free trip..!


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