8 Harmful Side Effects of Using Cosmetics


Nowadays, makeup has become a necessity for every woman and she believes that she can’t go outside without different kinds of cosmetic products. It is true that spending a day without makeup is quite difficult.

However, using makeup every day can trouble the skin in many ways. According to the top dermatologist in Lahore, makeup contains a lot of components and chemicals which may not suit your particular skin. Some of these chemicals are used in every makeup product and can even cause itchiness, irritation, and sometimes untimely aging.

Most makeup products possess harsh chemicals that disrupt functions of the protective barrier of your skin. These chemicals can make it easier for pathogens to enter the skin. Using makeup daily can impact the natural glow of the skin. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use makeup at all. If you chose skin-friendly products, then it would be good for your skin.

Side Effects of Using Cosmetics

Here is a list of side effects that you can experience after using different cosmetics:

1.      Headaches

Headache is a common symptom associated with different cosmetics. Usually, increased exposure to extensive makeup may lead to nausea, dizziness, and tiredness. Cosmetics contain different ingredients and chemicals, if you are exposed to them directly, could lead to unconsciousness. In addition, makeup can be more harmful to people with chronic headaches or migraines. Therefore, it is essential to remove every trace of makeup while removing it.

2.      Clogged Pores

If you are applying makeup on your skin every day for a long time, there are risks that the skin pores get clogged. Clogged skin pores don’t let your skin breathe and making it prone to bumps, acne, and other facial skin problems. You may notice bumps around your eyes after using makeup for some days.

3.      Damage to the Skin

Hair removal is a necessary part of makeup. It may lead to severe unwanted skin damage you are unaware of. Shaving and waxing can cause bumps, ingrown hairs, and even bleeding too. The regular waxing of facial hair leads the skin earlier as it involves harsh pulling of the skin.

Usually, waxing strips when pulled away can cause infections of the skin. Hair removal also disturbs hair follicles and causes them to grow in different directions. In addition, waxing may also leave ugly black bumps all over the skin.

4.      Allergic Reactions

Some products may look similar but they contain different ingredients. Usually, products made with mild ingredients don’t harm the skin. However, products with severe or harmful chemicals like SLES or paraben can cause allergic reactions. If your skin is allergic to certain ingredients, these products can make it worse. In addition, these products can make your skin uncomfortable and itchy.

5.      Eye Problems

Kajal is one of the most necessary parts of makeup. Without it, makeup is not incomplete. However, when applied to the inner lining of the eyes can cause harmful disease. It may lead to toxic, chemical, and infective conjunctivitis, discoloration of the eyes, dry eyes, uveitis, and glaucoma.

Additionally, if you wear lenses the chemicals in the makeup can damage them and result in thinning of the eyelashes. Mascara can also lead to thinning of the eyelashes and even cause blindness because it contains very harmful bacteria resistant to both cold and heat.

6.      Oily or Dry Skin

Makeup products that are not effective for your skin, can make your skin oilier and drier. People with dry skin may also experience risky dryness if they use makeup products that are not meant for their skin type. In addition, people with oily skin may experience too much oil production after using the wrong products.

7.      Untimely aging

One of the best things you do to maintain your skin’s health is protecting it from sun damage. When you do not apply sunscreen before makeup, you make a mistake by exposing your skin to sun damage. Leaving makeup for a long time with sun damage can result in premature aging. Signs of premature aging can be wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Additionally, when you don’t remove your makeup before sleeping, it can enter your pores and break the elastin.

8.      Color Changes

Wearing makeup on a regular basis has severe side effects but sleeping all night with makeup can damage the skin to great extent. During the night free radicals can affect the collagen weakening the skin and may also lead to changes in your skin color. For instance, wearing lipstick for more than ten hours causes dark lips as it contains ingredients responsible for blocking the oxygen supply to your lips.


It is difficult for women even to spend a little time without makeup. However, they need to choose cosmetic products that don’t contain harsh chemicals. It would be helpful in lowering the risks of side effects associated with cosmetics.


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