8 tips to keep your carpets clean


Although many new homes are equipped with timber or tiles flooring, carpet remains a popular choice. It would be difficult to find a home in Australia without carpet. Carpets can be difficult to maintain!

Carpets are a proven flooring option that keeps your house warm in winter and is comfortable to lie on. They also create a wonderful atmosphere.

Carpet, unlike hard flooring, is more susceptible to wear. There are many stains that can cause permanent damage to a clean floor. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to maintain your carpets in top shape for a long period of time. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your carpets looking new. Let’s get started:

1) Choose the Right Carpet for Your Room

You can do whatever you want in your man cave, but making the right choice about the carpet for your home is a wise investment.

Although the multi-layered, plush carpet in the showroom may look great, it might not be practical. A shaggy carpet will attract dirt more easily and be harder to clean if you have pets or children.

A nylon carpet is a good choice for high-traffic areas such as the lounge area.

Nylon is much more durable and easy to clean. Polyester-based carpets won’t do as well at hiding stains and won’t last as long. These are not a knock on polyester carpets, but they should be used in bedrooms.

2) Vacuum regularly (but not too often)

My mum vacuumed the whole house three times a week when I was younger. Her children, us, always gave her trouble about it. I am now older and realize that our objections were valid. Vacuuming is a great way to keep carpets clean. Vacuuming lifts dirt from the deeper fibres to prevent them from clogging up and slowly deteriorating the carpet’s color and quality.

Vacuuming too often can have negative consequences. Vacuuming too often can cause the carpet to wear faster. We recommend vacuuming once a week, or as often as necessary.

3) Once per year, use a professional carpet cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can usually do the job well, but it is best to hire professionals once a year.

Many vacuums can’t pull out the dirt deep under carpets. Reputable carpet cleaning services will use an industrial-strength vacuum with stronger suction to remove all dirt.

You’ll also be able to have your carpets cleaned and deodorized by professionals.

Avoid chemical cleaners

To avoid polluting the waterways, you wouldn’t flush harsh chemicals down your drain. So why would you use them on your carpet? This is especially true if your pets or children are small. Avoid using synthetic cleaners on your carpet and around your home. They are not only unhealthy but also cause damage to the carpet at a micro level, which can lead to their further deterioration.

It’s amazing how effective white vinegar and bicarb soda can be in stain removal.

Look for products that are ‘plant-based or biodegradable’ if you insist on purchasing cleaning products. These products will be safer for you and the environment.

5) Use a rug in high-traffic areas

You’re not the first person to see a home with great carpeting everywhere, except on the main walkways. Modern carpets can be very durable, but they are not long-lasting. Constant walking back and forth flattens the carpet and underlay and gradually darkens it.

For areas where you will be walking, lying down or using your feet more often, consider using an area rug. It will protect the carpet beneath. It’s also cheaper and more convenient to replace a rug rather than a whole floor of the carpet.

6) Get rid of all traces as soon as possible

Did you ever spill something on the ground while eating dinner? If you’re like me, you’ll clean it up right away, finish your meal, and then return to the stain for a thorough clean.

Avoid this!

You have the best chance to remove a stain if you act quickly. Particularly for common stains like,

  • Red wine stains
  • Coffee Stains
  • Food Stains
  • Gum Stuck
  • Pet Stains
  • Bloodstains

Different stains require different cleaning methods, which we cannot cover here. However, you can find great tips on this page >> Carpet stain removal procedures

7) You might consider a No Shoes Policy

Asking guests and family members to take off their shoes upon arrival is a great way to reduce stains and maintain carpet appearance. Accidental stains account for nearly all of them. This includes any mess made by children. This is something that all parents of children know. You could walk through the whole house without realizing that they have had mud all over their shoes.

This option is completely optional and will vary from household to household. You can choose to be more attentive when people visit if you don’t want your name to be known for being a ‘clean freak’.

8) Move Your Dirt Outside

Carpets can be stained and worn by DIY projects. Have you ever tried to move furniture outside when you could do a quick touch-up on the furniture? You will be glad you took the time to move your projects outdoors. You might consider building a shed or workshop if the weather is not ideal.

Spending money on a mop you can’t use on your home’s hardwood floors is not something you want to do. If you are going to invest money on an electric hardwood floor mop, you need to ensure that it can effectively clean your floors.

You should also keep your carpets clean by removing items such as bicycles for children and adults. Not only do they bring dirt and sand, but also thick black grime. Bicycles should be kept outside. You can either put them in the garage, or you can buy a bike shed. This is very popular if you are concerned about their safety and security.

Many people take pride in having a clean house. This is especially true in Australia where ‘our house is our castle’ is a common saying. These tips will help you keep your carpets clean, smelling great, and feeling great for many years. Are there any other ways to maintain your carpets? Please leave a comment below to let us know.



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