A Complete Homemade Recipe to Make Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream

We all know that summer can get extreme sometimes. In many areas, the temperature crosses 50 degrees C. In this weather, we need to control the constant sweating in our bodies. There is no better way to energize your body than munching on your favorite cold snack from the ice cream fridge. The delicious flavors of ice cream make it everyone’s treat. It is impossible to find a person who does not like ice cream. Those chilling and cooling effects of ice cream make us crave it more. The best thing about ice cream is its wide range of flavors. You can find many flavors of ice cream and combinations in the ice cream parlors.

Ice cream is a treat for people of all ages. It is a misconception that ice cream is a snack only for hot weather. According to a survey, people tend to indulge more in cold snacks when the temperature decreases. It is safe to say that ice cream is an evergreen treat for all seasons. In addition to being a delicious snack, ice cream can serve many health benefits. Ice cream is a source of many vitamins in our bodies. Ice cream can also give us a jolt of energy whenever we feel down.

Store-bought ice cream can get boring sometimes. It is human nature to try different things and not stick to the same one. That is why we are presenting you with an ice cream cake recipe. It is a fact that there is nothing better than two favorite desserts in one. Ice cream cake uses ice cream as the frosting. Know that you can find many flavors of ice cream cakes at bakeries and stores. But a homemade one is always better. The ice cream cakes you see in shops are nothing but lots of calories and fats. These ingredients can cause many diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, etc. The best option for anyone is to make ice cream cake at home. Ice cream works like magic for cake frosting. Below we have mentioned a recipe for ice cream cake at home.

Recipe Name: Ice cream cake

Total time: 4 hours

Cuisine: American

Course: Dessert

Servings: 10 slices

Calories: 894 kcal (per serving)


1 ½ quarts ice cream

1 eight inches chocolate cake layer

1 cup of hot fudge sauce

1-pint whipping cream (heavy)

Two teaspoons of vanilla extract

Three tablespoons of powdered sugar


Take an 8-inch cake pan and line it with plastic wrap or parchment paper. Now transfer the ice cream to the cake pan with the help of a scoop. Now place a plastic wrap on top, press down, and freeze.

Now take any chocolate cake mix and use it to prepare the cake layer.

After some minutes, it is time to assemble the ice cream and cake layers. Place the cake layer and drizzle chocolate fudge sauce on top. Now place the ice cream layer on it. In the end, put it in a freezer and make whipping cream.

Take a bowl of an electronic mixer and add whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla. Start mixing on low speed. Increase the speed and keep whisking until you get stiff peaks.

Take out the cake from the freezer and use this cream on the sides and top of the cake. Know that you can add this whipping cream into a pipe tube and start piping the sides and top of the cake.

Now you can use any toppings that you like on the cake. You can place chocolate bars on the top or frozen strawberries. You can also use colorful sprinkles.

Recipe Notes:

It is better to use slightly softened ice cream for this recipe.

Plastic wrap is necessary since it will not let your cake go watery.

Make sure that the temperature of your kitchen is not high since it will make your ice cream cake melt.

Run your knife under warm water to cut the cake easily.

You can also make this cake in different versions, such as pistachio, choco-crunch, and vanilla.


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