A Guide to Solve Linksys Router No Internet Issue


Linksys router no internet issue has affected the internet experience of millions of users across the globe. But, luckily, this issue can be resolved easily by following a few hacks provided in this article. So, without much delay, let’s start over!

Fix: Linksys Router No Internet

Check the Connection

The very first hack that you have to implement to fix Linksys router no internet issue is to check the Ethernet connection made between your modem and Linksys router. Make sure that the connection between them isn’t loose. Apart from this, we suggest you to have a look at the Ethernet cable. Ensure that the cable doesn’t have any damages or cuts on it.

Once done, check the connection between your Linksys router and modem whether it has been successfully established or not by accessing myrouter.local. Are you able to access myrouter.local? If your answer is a big no, then it means that the internet issue still persists. But, you don’t have to worry because the article hasn’t ended yet.

All you have to do is to head over to the next hack and fix “Linksys router no internet” issue in a jiffy. Please continue to read!

Relocate Your Linksys Router

There are chances that you have kept your Linksys router:

  • Inside a cabinet
  • Near to interference creating WiFi devices
  • Closer to electronic appliance and metal objects
  • In a Corner
  • On a lower surface

Well, such things will surely interfere with your router WiFi signals, resulting in no internet issue.

To troubleshoot with the issue, relocate your Linksys router. Ensure to place in at a center-most and higher area in your home.

Once you are done with the placement process, try to access myrouter.local again. Can we hope that you are now able to access myrouter.local? No? Don’t sweat over it! Try the next hack provided below.

Place Your Linksys Router and Modem Closer

Perhaps you have placed your Linksys router and modem at a distance and due to that you are getting no internet issue. To do away the problem, consider pulling your devices closer.

As soon as you are done with pulling your devices closer, access the Linksys router login page using myrouter.local and see if it work or not.

Still No Luck?

Power Cycle Your Linksys Router

If you are still struggling with the same issue, then the power cycling process can help. Scroll down a little to grab the power cycling steps.

Step 1: Firstly, disconnect your existing modem and Linksys router.

Step 2: Turn off your Linksys router by unplugging it from its respective wall outlet.

Step 3: Wait for some time.

Step 4: Plug your Linksys router back in.

Step 5: Connect your existing modem and Linksys router using an Ethernet source.

Note: Your existing modem and Linksys router can be connected in a wireless manner as well.

Step 6: Wait for the power LED on your Linksys router to become stable.

Once you are done with above-mentioned steps, connect your desktop or laptop to the router’s WiFi and access the Linksys router login page again using myrouter.local.

Anticipating that slow internet issue is fixed now by power cycling Linksys router? If the things are still not in your hand, then try the last hack highlighted below.

Reset and Reconfigure Linksys Router

This hack has helped millions of users around the globe to fix slow internet issue with their Linksys router. So, without much delay, reset your Linksys router and then configure it again.

Once you are done with this hack, you will have no issue while using the internet again.

To Wrap Up

This was all about to fix “Linksys router no internet” issue. The hacks provided above will surely be useful to you. Please don’t forget to share your reviews about the hacks provided in this article. Were they helpful?

Before we end this article, there is one more important thing that we want to share. Look, the slow internet issue with Linksys router is fixed now, isn’t it? So, don’t you want to access the internet even in dead zones? If you nod in yes, then let us tell you that your Linksys router alone can’t cover dead zones in your home. In that case, you have to add a Linksys extender.

Please take this in the form of suggestion only. And, if you agree with it, visit the official site of the device (extender) and know how to setup Linksys extender.

Wishing you lag-free internet experience with Linksys!


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