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Packing for any journey may be overwhelming. but packing for a long-time ride may be downright rip-your-hair-out annoying! After years of visiting for extended durations of time, we’ve got learned loads approximately what to % and what to depart home. We’re here to ease your pressure and are sharing our top tips, hints, and remaining packing listings!
Packing for an experience is continually a puzzle. You need to sense organized for all conditions, but not weighed down by way of overpacking (my constant war!). And whilst your trip can be longer than a pair of weeks and could take you via a couple of climates and conditions, packing your bag can experience immediately up impossible.
however, we are right here to help!

We had been touring around the sector for the past five years, through different climates — snow, mountains, seashores, deserts — and distinctive conditions. From swanky rooftop bars in Europe to seashores in Southeast Asia to trekking inside the Himalayas, we need to sense cozy in every state of affairs.

we’ve packed and unpacked and repacked loads of instances, and we have learned a component or two about what gadgets are useful and which matters are dead weight.

We’re sharing exactly what we packed on a yearlong experience plus our pinnacle packing suggestions and favored travel pack journey tools. (yes, we have a few on-hand hacks that will help you healthy the whole lot into your bag!)

And great yet, this packing listing is written for males and females, so anyone can use it.

Growing your ideal travel packing list

As first-rate as it’d be, there’s no cut-and-dry packing list with the intention of paintings for every person for every ride.

The excellent manner to return up a packing listing for you is to pull thoughts from human beings you trust and alter them to fit your needs relying on your travel fashion and which inside the globe you’ll be going.

matters to bear in mind while making a packing listing:
In what type of climates will you be touring?

How long are you touring?

Will you be staying and eating at fancy locations?

what number of outdoor sports do you intend to do during your travels?
earlier than putting off on our yr-lengthy, round-the-world experience, we answered these questions and started out freaking out a chunk.

weather? Many climates; both tropical and wintery.

period of the journey? The better part of 12 months.

Fancy? no longer too many fancy places on our list, but we wanted to be travel pack prepared to fit in at the occasional fancy-schmancy splurge.

out of doors hobby? We normally base a lot of our travels round out of doors sports.

So how precisely do you % for 12 months of a journey through all forms of climates? How do you % to make sure you’re organized for a flowery dinner as well as a 2-week trek? How do I discover before travel equipment that doesn’t soak up an excessive amount of area in my backpack?

glad you requested.

We created a packing video whilst Katie went on a month-long travel pack journey around the arena with the United countries world Tourism organization.

This video illustrates a way to percent a deliver-on for a 1-month experience via multiple climates (aka five nations ranging from the deserts of the UAE to snowy Switzerland!).

Travel Packing listing Contents

We’re going to walk you via exactly what we packed for a 12 months-lengthy journey around the arena.

we are hoping that is a place to begin and offers you the data and idea to create your perfect packing listing for a long-term journey.

below are all the distinctive categories of tools you’ll want to %. we have pointers for both ladies and men, so anyone can use this list!


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