About Nebulizers and Which is the Best One – Tabletop Vs. Portable



One of the life-changing and the most pivotal piece of medical equipment which is important for people suffering from respiratory conditions is a nebulizer. It is one of the most trustworthy and practical drug delivery methods. Another common thing, you will know about the handheld nebulizer is that it delivers the same type of medicine just like a pocket-sized metered-dose inhaler. Also, you need to know that nebulizers are more commonly straightforward to use compared to metered-dose inhalers. It is good, especially for anyone with severe asthma and also for young children. 

Functioning of the Nebulizer 

Nebulizers’ function is such a manner that turns the liquid medicine into a mist that can be easily breathed in by the individual. Through the mist form, the medication will reach the lungs directly and help in the treatment of asthma and symptoms. Modern nebulizers are also there which are compact and you also get mini portable nebulizer models which you can carry with you in your purse larger versions of the nebulizers are known as tabletop units that plug into the walls. One of the things that you should know about the nebulizers is that it places the respiratory medication exactly where it needs to be – i.e., the place of inflammation. 

Tabletop Nebulizers – Merits & Demerits 

You can place this nebulizer on a sturdy surface and it is designed to be used at home. To work this nebulizer needs to be connected to a power source. One of the major drawbacks of this nebulizer is that you are not able to move around when taking treatment with this. Some people find it thwarting if they need to walk around. Besides, the traditional style nebulizers tend to be noisy and cumbersome, that is why you can get in the market new portable silent nebulizers. Check online. Besides that, tabletop nebulizers are slightly less costly on average compared to portable nebulizers. It also depends on the brand that you choose for nebulizers. 

Portable Nebulizers – Merits & Demerits 

If you have a lifestyle that is very busy, then you should choose portable nebulizers. You don’t have to be always at home for a nebulizer treatment. It comes powered with batteries and is not huge as a deck card. Portable nebulizers give people suffering from asthma the freedom to take their respiratory medication while traveling or out or in case of emergency attacks. One of the demerits of portable nebulizers is that Medicare doesn’t cover them. But you can get models that fit your budget. If you do not know which nebulizer to choose from then talk with your doctor and discuss the nebulizers. 

Pari Trek S Portable Aerosol System Nebulizer 

When you buy this nebulizer, the company will give you the main nebulizer and a backup. Individuals can also use the device with a lithium-ion battery or through the main adapter. The other optional battery will last for 40 minutes. You will get a 6 months warranty and 3 years warranty on the compressor. Also, people using this need to change the reusable cup every 6 months. This nebulizer works for both adults and children. The average treatment time that you will get with this nebulizer is 5 minutes. 


When choosing a nebulizer, you should consider the following factors particle size. Nebulization level is another factor in which the children may benefit from a smooth mist, then you should look at the frequency of use, size, insurance coverage, noise, and battery options. 


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