Lederhosen are the epitome of masculinity and there is no denying that when worn right, the outfit is sure to dazzle the crowd at Oktoberfest. Let us help you pick out the best sizing for your next Lederhosen or Bundhosen. 

How should a Lederhosen fit?

When you want to buy the right size Lederhosen online, the tighter it is, the better! There is a reason why. As leather is a natural material, it tends to loosen up with wear. The rule of thumb for Lederhosen is to get it in tight size, as much as it doesn’t pinch anywhere. For this, you should know your exact measurements – both hips and waist, at their widest points. 

Taking in mind leather’s natural tendency to expand a bit with wear, get your Lederhosen to sit snug to your body. A good pair of authentic Lederhosen and Bundhosen come with various button fastenings, offering a fine-tune for you at a later date. It’s essential to research before purchasing your Lederhosen costume, to ensure a perfect fitting. 

What size Lederhosen should I buy? 

Rule of Thumb to buy the right size Lederhosen online The sizing matter for men’s Lederhosen is pretty easy to follow. Almost all of the Lederhosen are manufactured in and around Germany, so follow the same size standards. The basic rule is to sketch your Lederhosen size on your regular jeans size. Lederhosen typically starts at size 46 and increases in twos up to size 62. 

When you look for your Lederhosen costume online at Lederhosen Store, you will also find Lederhosen sizes mentioned in regular jeans waist sizes for your convenience. Thus, making it easier for you to pick the correct size for your next Oktoberfest costume

A German 46 size can fit men with a 29–30-inch jeans waist. Similarly, a German size 48 will fit men with a 31–32-inch jeans waist size, so and so forth. If you expect to gain weight, do buy one size up than your regular jeans size and vice versa. You can always tighten or loosen your Lederhosen waist with the help of the lacing at the rear of your Lederhosen to make it fit. 

Now, as you are all caught up on the sizing matters of your Lederhosen and Bundhosen, check out our online Lederhosen Store 2022 collection of traditional and charming Lederhosen and Bundhosen. Pick out the best-fitting product and treat yourself to this year’s Oktoberfest. 

How long should my Lederhosen be?

The length of your Lederhosen outfit depends on your taste and how and where you want to wear it. If you are going for a summer Oktoberfest, a short Lederhosen is perfect. Still, if you need to attend Oktoberfest in winter, a longer Lederhosen will suit you throughout the year. 

Moreover, full-length Lederhosen can be paired with an extensive range of styles. Pair them with a casual Bavarian shirt, everyday wear, or combine it with a more brilliant-looking chic shirt, and you got yourself some formal wear. 

How do I accessorize my Lederhosen? 

When you set out to buy the right size Lederhosen online, many questions swarm in mind, such as;

  • What type of shoes should I pair with my Lederhosen? 
  • What kind of shirt can be paired with Lederhosen? 
  • What leather material, Lederhosen, is good for me? 

– So on and so forth. 

We will answer all these Lederhosen FAQs that we got from our customers at our online shop, Lederhosen Store.

Note: All questions are arranged in the frequency in which they were asked. 

What kind of shirt can be paired with Lederhosen? 

A traditional Bavarian shirt with the signature checkered pattern or the traditional white Bavarian embroidered shirt is the correct choice for your Lederhosen. Made from fine cotton, our traditional Bavarian shirts are light as air and are incredibly comfortable. The airy fabric lets your body breathe, and the moisture-absorbing quality of the fabric is a plus; keeping the shirt odorless. 

As a general Lederhosen etiquette, your Bavarian Shirt should be of a looser cut yet not baggy. Traditional shirts often sport exposed decorative stitching around the cuff, plackets, and collars. Make sure your shirt compliments your Lederhosen color-wise. 

Sport a flowing Oktoberfest look and avoid too many distinct colors at once. Try to compliment your Oktoberfest costume parts; tell a harmonious story. Begin with your Lederhosen and decide on your primary color; go with the same tones regarding your shoes, belts, and suspenders. Mix and match or contrast it with your shirt and, if you want, with your waistcoat too. Also, don’t forget about your socks! 

Lederhosen For Sale

Head over to our stunning collection of Lederhosen and its accessories. Our staff will help you pick out the size, color, style and accessories for your Lederhosen. Let’s give you a perfect and masculine look for this years’ Oktoberfest.

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