All You Need to Know about Blue Dream Strain  

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the few highly popular Sativa Dominant Hybrids, containing 30% Indica and 70% Sativa. The strain is perfect for all who want to enjoy a psychedelic high. Blue dream can be your go-to weed if you want a highly effective strain. The strain encompasses West Coast cannabis and is sweet, powerful, and potent. Besides, it gives you a surge of energy as you proceed through your daily activities.  

It stands out as one of the most popular strains and is also called Azure Haze. Everyone loves it – both new and seasoned growers. The yield is impressive, and the bud is usually rich in trichomes. Users will be captivated by the sweet berry with the fruity flavor.  

Everyone who does not mind a euphoric high that is energizing should try the blue dream strain. The strain has a strong blueberry influence with an enticing fruity aroma from the name. While the strain is Sativa dominant, users will experience a happy feeling and high, which leaves them relaxed.  

Blue strain buds are fluffy and light and also sticky when touched. The strain comes in dark green with gold and red strands with resin present.  

Effects of Blue Dream Strain  

One might wonder what makes the blue dream strain popular. In addition to growing very well, it delivers an intensely psychoactive experience that soothes all users. 

If you read about this unique cannabis strain from many online blogs, they define it as a well-balanced hybrid strain with a soothing and uplifting effect. Its experience is usually in sync with the chemical constituent. 

Users will experience a robust psychoactive effect from the THC-rich flower. Blue Dream strain provides 20 to 25% THC with less than 1% CBD. One of the first effects you might notice when you try the strain is mood elevation.  

After such mood elevation, the senses also become sharpened. As a result, you tend to notice things around you that others might not, such as brighter colors, insects, and others.  

The such high THC content in the strain is an indication that Blue dream can trigger a robust intoxicating effect in users. However, users might experience some effects they don’t want as well. However, you can enjoy many benefits in moderate doses, while excessive quantities might trigger the opposite effect.  

How to take the blue dream strain  

One can take the blue dream in many ways. The strain is readily available and processed into delta 8 gummies available at various online stores.  

You can find Delta-8 THC from pure and high-quality organic hemp enclosed in a high-quality cartridge. One can quickly get a high-quality blue dream strain cartridge that will provide various effects and satisfy your cravings.   

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance of Blue Dream Strain 

Blue Dream strain stands out for its rare and special flavor and aroma. On taking a puff of this strain, you will likely be overwhelmed by the delectable fruity taste, which will bring back childhood nostalgia for people who spent the bulk of their childhood picking fruits like berries.  

In addition, you will also enjoy some crisp citrus, and earthy sandalwood with grape and floral notes. One will get a balance of qualities from the parent plants – Haze and Blueberry. Taking delta gummies infused with blue dream strain will not give the regular cannabis aroma. The scent is pungent and hits hard, which lightens up your senses. When you take the strain, the high will likely be with you for a while. 

In terms of appearance, the physique of the strain reminds one of fresh blueberries without the shade of purple or blue. The buds are orange pistils and sagey colored with orange and yellow pistils, with the trichomes coated in THC. 

Blue Dream range has water leaves of orange, brown, or dark green color, depending on the significant species of Blue Dream that you grow, alongside the growth conditions. 

Growing the Blue Dream Weed Strain  

Growing the blue strain is pretty easy for everyone, beginners and veteran growers. One can cultivate it indoors and outdoors; the strain grows better in a hydrophone environment indoors. However, according to many growers, the flavor from a soil-based growth medium is better.  

At first, the hybrid strain grows pretty slowly. However, the growth can pick up at the flowering stage, with flowering time taking up between 55 and 65 days. At this stage, the plant stretches, develops the bud, and branches out. Initially, the strain grows a single bud site. However, you can maximize the growth space, improve yield, and have better sites with regulated training. This is something common with Haze strains.  


Blue Dream strain is one of the top marijuana strains you can enjoy. It gives various effects and can produce an intense and invigorating high. 


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