AWS Certified SysOps certification exam study guide.


Often the tension is unnoticed, among first-timers who appear the AWS SysOps Administrator certification exam. They perhaps overrate their own competencies while they write the examination. As an associate-level certification, the examination is pretty easy as compared to the professional level certification. But it’s far more difficult the beginner level. So all you need is a rock strong preparation to battle the fear of roller coaster ride you go through in the examination.

The best way to invest if you are determined to have this certification.Is by actually going through its concepts and technologies. With halfhearted preparation, you will lose. The pass rate for this certification exam is 56%, and mostly the professionals have a cloud background to support this claim. But what if you are just a student or a professional who is allured with this domain of IT?

In this article, we will be vocal about the ideal preparation model that can help you get this certification.

We shall start the article first by knowing the examination, it’s modules, and then we will let you through the preparation guide.

The examination

We do agree that there is other cloud solution available like VMware, Microsoft, Google, and these giants also provide cloud operation certifications. But they lack popularity, and you will observe that about 79% of the cloud industry is dominated by AWS. So, it’s important and wise to be on the winner in no side and make a difference in your life.

This certification exam is to validate your potency at a few such things as:

  • Mitigation of on-premises data over the AWS server.
  • Selection of right tools, technologies and practices to ingress and egress data in the AWS.
  • The certification validates your security skills and deployment prowess as it involves coat approximation and reduction.

Thus the questions in the examination will revolve around this prologue. The questions you get here are MCQ and multi-response type questions that are filled with distractors. And if you aren’t certain about your answer, just don’t commit to it. An unanswered question has no negative marking.

The domains

There are seven domains in this exam, and they are as follows:

  • Monitoring and Reporting-22%
  • High Availability-8%
  • Deployment and Provisioning-14%
  • Storage and Data Management-12%
  • Security and Compliance-18%
  • Networking-14%
  • Automation and Optimization-12%

The percentiles that are marked beside each domain denotes the question items you suppose to come. The most common and repeatedly asked questions come from the compliance and AWS policies. It’s a bonus for you if you get prepared for these questions. You can expect at least four questions from policies and AWS SysOps Associate guidelines.

The preparation guides

You should start your preparation by committing to the handbook. If you can at least read the book 6 times during your preparation, then you become invincible for exam. It’s a must applied techniques among first time clearing applicants by Sprintzeal.

We know it’s hard, but you can make use of this pandemic time to devote yourself on through reading.

After you are completed reading the book at least two times. You should move on to the next step, and that’s enrolling for a boot camp. Boot camps are often costly but are very beneficial. You can purchase a bundle from to support your training.

Suppose you want to invest less than you can go for the in-person or classroom training led by local chapters of AWS. You can find a training partner near you through the portal. These classroom courses are crisp and range to only three days. And you must never forget to buy yourself a practice exam of $20 from AWS.

You can also find a training course on YouTube from The training video is 12 hours long and complements your quest for free of cost.

A cloud guru

This is where you actually get the best simulation exams. They provide pretty great lab practical exams. You can also buy their Training bundle, but that will be much costlier and super effective.

If you don’t price-sensitive, then this is your ultimate stop for preparation. You don’t need to look for any other resources.


Ideal preparation for this certification lies between 3-4 months of the span. Out of which you have to spare one month entirely on studying the book—a fortnight on training and another fortnight on revising the concepts. The last month should be spent entirely on taking simulation exams and lab practical. But just do not forget to compare your velocity and your answers.


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