Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2023


As the year progresses, so do interior design trends. 2023 is a great time to redecorate your bedroom with some of the most exciting and innovative bedroom wallpaper designs available right now. With houses being renovated and new housing developments popping up everywhere, it’s clear that people are looking for affordable yet sophisticated ways to improve their homes. Giffywalls offers an ingenious approach to transform any room through walls covered in trendy and modern print artworks – perfect for decorating bedrooms with a touch of style. Explore these latest wallpapers range by Giffywalls specifically curated for you to make sure you have the chicest look at home this season!

Floral Patterns Wallpaper Trends

Floral patterns can bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to any space, and they’re a great way to bring some cheer to your bedroom. Choose from classic roses or explore more abstract designs for a unique look. Whether you prefer muted pastels or vibrant pinks and purples, there are endless possibilities with floral wallpapers!

Natural Scenes Wallpaper Trends

If you want a peaceful, calming atmosphere in your bedroom, why not opt for a wallpaper with a nature scene? Choose from classic landscapes or go for something more abstract for a modern look. From rolling hills to lush forests and tranquil oceans, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoor world inside your own space!

Geometric Prints Wallpaper Trends

For a more modern look, you can’t go wrong with geometric print wallpaper. From bold lines to intricate shapes and patterns, geometric prints can add an element of interest to even the simplest of interiors. Whether it’s a subtle statement or high-contrast design, these wallpapers will definitely brighten up your bedroom!

Abstract Artwork Wallpaper Trends

Discover your artistic side and add a stylish feature to your bedroom with modern abstract artwork. From dramatic, muted tones to bold, vibrant creations, there are endless possibilities for designs that will make a statement. Abstract art can be a great way to express yourself and bring life to an otherwise dull wall. Choose from classic designs or create something unique – the choice is yours!

Pastel Color Wallpaper Trends

Create a cheerful atmosphere in your bedroom with vivid pastel colors. Choose shades that are fun and playful but not too overwhelming, so you can still relax in your space. Experiment with different tones – you may be surprised by the results! Soft pinks, blues, lavenders or greens make great base colors and help create a serene environment. For an extra pop of charm, add some subtle prints to the mix.


2023 is right around the corner and bedroom wallpaper trends are already emerging. If you’re looking to spruce up your space with some new wallcoverings, be sure to try one of these popular looks. From modern geometrics to colourful florals, there’s something for everyone. And don’t forget – at Giffywalls, we can help you create a custom design that’s perfect for your home. Contact us today to get started!


  1. Which type of wallpaper is best for bedroom?

When it comes to the best type of wallpaper for your bedroom, the possibilities are truly endless. But, before deciding on a wallpaper style you must consider certain factors such as your budget, room size and style preference.

A great starting point is to consult an interior designer or home decor expert who can offer advice and guidance in selecting the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom. They may even suggest ways to incorporate wall decor elements into your existing home improvements plan.

For those looking for cost-efficient options that don’t sacrifice style, vinyl or fabric backed paper is a great choice because it’s both durable and easy to clean with soap and water. For bedrooms with more space available, heavier materials like grass cloth or metallic foil provide texture for larger walls without cluttering up the design of the room. Those who have limited budgets but still want luxurious finishes should look at textured wallpapers which are cheaper than paper but also add an interesting dimension when hung in multiple colors around a given space.

No matter what type of wallpaper you choose, make sure that it compliments other aspects of the room such as paint colors, bedding choices and overall decor scheme while staying true to your own personal taste preferences above all else! With these tips in hand you’re sure to select something that will keep visitors oohing and aching throughout their time spent in this very special part of your home!

  1. Is it a good idea to put wallpaper in bedroom?

When it comes to home decor, putting wallpaper in your bedroom can be a great way to add a stylish and unique touch to the space. By choosing the right wallpaper, you can make your bedroom look modern and beautiful while still creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Wallpaper has become increasingly popular with interior designers as an attractive alternative to paint when giving walls texture and interest. Thanks to advancements in printing technology, you can now find wallpapers that mimic almost any type of material like wood panelling, leather, or even fabric. This means that wallpaper can quickly transform any room into an inviting retreat without over-the-top expense or time commitment.

In general, applying wallpaper is not complicated; however, there are some tips that homeowners should consider before undertaking this project themselves:

  • Select the correct type of paper for your wall’s surface – most papers are designed for smooth walls but will not adhere properly if applied on textured surfaces so it’s important to select the correct paper for the job at hand
  • Measure out what area needs coverage – The size of each piece is important when estimating how much wallpaper must be purchased
  • Use lining paper – lining paper will help create a more consistent finish by filling in any gaps between sheets
  • Glue paste evenly – Applying glue paste evenly (or using pre-pasted sticky backings) ensures better adhesion and smoother lines where two strips come together
  • Hang all strips horizontally – Stripes hung across two adjacent walls should always run horizontally rather than vertically
  • Be prepared for mistakes – Mistakes happen; having additional rolls of similar patterned papers helps save on money spent during those mishaps!

Ultimately wallpapering is one of many options available when decorating and improving homes but when done correctly it creates an effortless sophistication worth noting. If decided upon as part move home improvement adding wallpaper can truly elevate spaces from blandness into something special!

  1. How do I choose bedroom wallpaper?

Choosing the right wallpaper for your bedroom can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any prior experience or expertise in interior design and home decor. However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! With the right tips and advice from an experienced professional, you can select wallpapers that will transform your room into your perfect sanctuary.

Before selecting any wallpaper, take some time to plan out how exactly you’d like to use it. Wallpaper is often treated as a surface decoration — after all, it’s primarily viewed on walls — but its practical uses are nearly endless. Are you looking for something with strong visual appeal? Would you prefer subtle patterns that complement existing furniture? Or are more elaborate designs better suited to create a resounding atmosphere during special occasions? These kinds of questions should dictate which kind of paper suits best for your needs.

Another factor worth considering is colour psychology; cool colours (such as blues) tend to evoke peacefulness and relaxation while warm colours (like oranges or reds) bring energy and vibrancy. You might want both depending on the desired mood of the room! One way around this problem is by blending tones together; pick two complementary hues that contrast yet still fit within the same theme. The result will be aesthetically pleasing without making either one too overpowering in comparison with the other.

Other aspects such as durability must also be taken into account when selecting bedroom wallpapers – buy products specifically designed for home improvement projects rather than cheaper ones intended mostly for decorative purposes only! And above all else make sure not to skimp on quality; investing in higher-end products now can save plenty of hassle later down the road when scratches start appearing (or worse).

Finally, reputable companies offer free samples so don’t hesitate asking them before making a purchase decision – there’s no better way than seeing what works best in person first-hand! Ultimately choosing bedroom wallpaper should be an enjoyable process: whether its understated landscapes or vibrant geometrical shapes, everyone has their own unique style they’d like reflected in their living space – just remember that patience always pays off in these matters!

  1. Is wallpaper good for a Bedroom in 2023?

Wallpaper is still a great choice for bedrooms in 2023. Wallpaper not only adds texture and color to the room but can also help create a feeling of comfort, peace, and relaxation. Interior designers are now experimenting with new takes on wall decor such as large-scale murals, bold geometrics, art deco patterns, and abstract designs. Homeowners are getting creative and personalizing their walls by customizing wallpaper to their own homes.

Choosing the right type of wallpaper is key when tackling a home improvement project like this one. The best option for bedrooms today may include eco-friendly papers that will last long while being gentle on the planet; texture papers that add depth; subtle patterns that can be used to fill an entire room or bring muted pops of color; vibrant colors which make it easy to liven up any bedroom; or exquisite fabric inspired prints that add luxury to any space. Furthermore, you may want to consider materials such as glass bead vinyl’s which give walls extra shine while adding luxurious texture at the same time!

Ultimately, each homeowner has different needs when it comes to wallcoverings so choose wisely based on your personal taste and needs – what works for one person may not work for another! Also keep in mind how much light exposure there will be in the bedroom because this plays an important role when choosing wallpaper too – if you’re looking for something subtle then opt for light colors whereas darker shades tend to look better where there’s plenty of sunlight available throughout most parts of the day. With all these things taken into consideration you should find yourself with a beautiful bedroom featuring statement making walls thanks to your choice in wallpaper!


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