Best One Shot Build For Farming All Uber Bosses In Path Of Exile 3.23 – Crit Ice Crash Berserker

Exile 3.23

Welcome to the one shot build guide for Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League! The build we are about to introduce is called Crit Ice Crash Berserker.


This build is specifically tailored to efficiently farm all Uber Pinnacle bosses without relying on legacy POE Items. Despite the adjustments and nerfs in this league concerning missing enchantments and alternate gem qualities, we’ve managed to enhance the build’s damage output.


The one shot build excels in delivering a literal one-shot against Uber Pinnacle bosses, emphasizing maximum damage output. However, it’s crucial to note that this specialization comes at the cost of defense. As such, the build is solely optimized for boss farming and not suitable for general mapping.


For our ascendancy in POE 3.23, we first choose Marauder and then ascend this ascendancy into a Berserker.

First, we go for Aspect of Carnage. This node simply increases our total damage by 40% at the cost of taking 10% more damage. It is arguably the simplest ascendancy node in the game.


Next, we go for War Bringer. We pick this node because it does 2 things:

  1. When you warcry, you generate rage based on warcry power as long as you are below 25 rage.
  2. When you are above 25 rage, you instead sacrifice 10 rage when you warcry to boost the damage of your next exerted attack by 50%.


Next, we have Crave the Slaughter and enough POE Currency. This node increases our maximum rage count by 10 and allows us to generate rage on hit. We mostly generate rage via the previous node, so we don’t care about this one that much.


We mostly take it to unlock the node behind it. And that is Rite of Ruin. This node triples the effect of rage on us. Rage increases attack damage, speed, and movement speed. And all of these things are more than welcome in any attack build.

Passive Tree

Next, let’s take a look at our passive tree.

Our tree focuses on attack damage, physical damage, accuracy, attack crit chance, and crit multi, cold damage, elemental damage and life regeneration.


Next, we have a large cluster jewel that adds the following notables: Martial Prowess, Prodigious Defence, and Advance Guard or really any other useful attack notables with damage on them.


Next, we branch off into 2 medium cluster jewels. Both add the following notables: Basics of Pain and Skullbreaker.


Our second large cluster adds the following notables: Heavy Hitter and Strike Leader.


Finally, we have 1 small cluster jewel that increases mana reservation efficiency. This one adds the Spiteful Presence notable, which reduces hatred mana reservation, enabling our specific aura setup. This jewel must have either 25% or 35% increased effect of added passives, as that will further increase our mana reservation efficiency.


For Mastery choices, we have:

  • 40% increased accuracy rating against unique enemies (Accuracy Mastery)
  • Nearby enemies are intimidated while you have rage (Attack Mastery)
  • Auras from your skills have 10% increased effect on you (Reservation Mastery)
  • 10% more maximum physical attack damage (Physical Mastery)
  • +25% to critical strike multiplier against unique enemies (Critical Mastery)
  • 150% increased critical strike chance against enemies on full life (Critical Mastery)


Next, let’s talk about items. Please buy POE Currency in advance so that you can buy any items you are missing.



Our most important item in this build is Facebreaker unique gloves. This one greatly increases our physical attack damage as long as we’re not wielding any weapon.


This means 2 things:

  1. Without a weapon, we have no base physical attack damage to work with, hence we need to get that somewhere else.
  2. We have no base crit chance because that usually comes from our weapon.



We fix this with our second item, and that is Rigwald’s Curse unique amulet.


This amulet provides lots of stuff, but we only care about the 7% added base crit chance to unarmed attacks. The build doesn’t function without it.


Make sure to anoint Whispers of Doom on your corrupted amulet using a Tainted Oil, since we are applying two curses in this POE 3.23 build.


Next, we have Abyssus, an item that provides a lot of base physical damage to attacks, which is exactly what we need. The item also adds a lot of melee crit multi at the cost of making us take more physical damage. That downside is irrelevant since we can’t map with this build, anyway.


Next, we have another item that gives us a good amount of physical damage, Replica Loreweave. This one grants us additional crit chance compared to the regular version at the cost of lowering our maximum resistances instead of increasing them. Again, this is an irrelevant downside because this POE 3.23 build is a glass cannon, anyway.



Our next mandatory item is Redblade Banner shield. You only need to spend 35.1 Chaos Orbs to buy this item directly.


Do you remember our ascendancy? It allows our warcries to generate rage based on their power. This shield gives our warcries infinite power, meaning you will generate your maximum rage whenever you warcry with this shield. And that’s why we use it.



Our next item is Ryslatha’s Coil, which is a unique belt. This one increases our maximum physical attack damage and lowers our minimum one.


The idea here is that you are increasing an already big number and lowering an already smaller one, resulting in higher average damage up to 30%. You are more likely to hit lower damage numbers with this belt, but it is still better than every mirror-tier belt out there when you look at average damage.


Also, we do have overkill damage in this belt, which helps us combat unlucky damage rolls due to this belt.



For our rings, first, we have The Warden’s Brand unique ring.


As a one-shot build, we only care about hit damage and don’t care about attack speed penalties. This ring fits our build perfectly with its high flat physical damage added to attacks and reduced attack speed, which we don’t care about.


Our second ring is just a generic rare steel ring (Foe Twirl) with flat physical damage, crit multi, life, and resistances.



For our last item in this build, we got the Ralakesh’s Impatience. These recently buffed boots passively grant us our maximum number of all charges all the time.


In the context of this build, that’s 150% increased critical strike chance and 16% more damage. They are best in slot but you can always use Dawnbreaker as a cheaper alternative.


Next, let’s talk about gems that go inside of them.

For our main 6-link, we have Ice Crash, Ruthless, Pulverize, Awakened Melee Physical Damage, Awakened Elemental Damage With Attacks, and Awakened Elemental Focus.


Next, we have a 4-link that contains our primary auras: Hatred, Herald of Purity, Blood and Sand, and Level 4 Enlighten.


Then, we got a 4-link manual curse setup: Frostbite, Elemental Weakness, Intimidating Cry, and Lifetap Support.


Following that, we have another reservation setup: Summon Skitterbots, Bonechill, Awakened Unbound Elements, and Berserk.


Our last gem setup goes in our shield, containing Max Level Precision, Arrogance Support, and Ancestral Warchief.


Next, let’s talk about our jewels.


For our Watcher’s Eye, we have “Damage penetrates 15% cold resistance while affected by Hatred” and any other damage mod you can get with it like increased attack damage while affected by Precision. If you want to re-roll the values of explicit values of modifiers, please prepare enough Divine Orbs.

Next, we have 1 Forbidden Flame and 1 Forbidden Flesh jewel, both of these must mention Tukohama, War’s Herald Chieftain ascendancy node.


This one will support our main 6-link Ice Crash setup with Fist of War effectively doubling our damage. Any remaining jewel socket you have left must be filled with a normal rare jewel like Morbid Prism Searching Eye Jewel. We are looking for flat physical damage and crit multi.


Alternatively, you can just get a normal rare jewel (Loath Stone) with as much crit multiplier on it as possible.

Combo Steps

Next, let’s discuss our one-shot combo.


First, we want to slam the ground twice to prepare a Ruthless hit.


Once the boss becomes targetable, immediately cast Intimidating Cry and start dropping your curses while dodging.


Once Intimidating Cry comes out of cooldown, that should be your signal to use it again with Berserk. Summon your totem and then slam the boss.


Under no circumstance should you ever slam an Uber Pinnacle boss at the start of its fight simply because Uber Pinnacle starts with massive damage reduction that decays over a few seconds, and we prepare our combo during that time.

Bandits & Pantheons

Finally, for Bandit’s quest, we are going to help Alira as usual.

As for Pantheons, we got the Soul of the Brine King and the Soul of Abberath.

All in all, this one shot build is the best build for farming all Uber bosses in Path of Exile 3.23!


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