Best props for photo booth rental in Nashville that will bring life to your party

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A photo booth rental in Nashville can be the main attraction or one of many unique features when planning an event. A photo booth is a great addition to any party, whether it’s a wedding, reception, birthday, anniversary, reunion, or festival celebration.

Props, on the other hand, are critical to a successful photo booth experience. The atmosphere of a photo booth is typically created by designing it around a specific subject and furnishing it accordingly. It would not pique anyone’s interest.

You will require certain props to bring out the most captivating qualities in the people. It would be impossible to have hundreds of props. There are practical issues, such as limited space and the all-important cost.

According to Nashville Photobooth, Without the use of props, the photo booth experience would be incomplete, as they help bring out your goofier side and add to the overall enjoyment. Even if you’re shy in front of the camera, use the photo booth props to help you strike various poses.

The best photo booth props are those that are customized for the photo booth as well as the occasion.

Best props for photo booth rental in Nashville that will bring life to your party

Stick Props

Stick props are printable cardboard cutouts that are meant to be displayed with… sticks. Almost all photo booths in Nashville will have a selection of these low-cost but popular selfie props.

These decorations, typically sold in sets, are ideal for themed events such as birthdays, graduations, and holiday celebrations. These are common design elements: speech bubbles, emojis, mustaches, lips, caps, and spectacles.


Plastic frames come in various designs and colors; some are even comically large.

For more serious occasions, you may want to give your visitors geeky glasses to ensure they have a good time without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. Wearing something outlandish, such as emoji glasses, to a casual gathering allows you to relax and have fun.


Photo booth props such as pirate caps, Viking helmets, rabbit ears, and multicolored afros and wigs are essential for getting people in the holiday spirit.

A hat contest is an excellent way to attract customers to your photo booth. However, a group of visitors in hats only outdoes a group of visitors in full swing. “This is where all the action is!” exclaims the area.


Photo booth rental props made of cardboard or wood are easy to use and add visual interest to your photos. As a result, as they crowd into the frame, your visitors will be forced to interact with one another.

There is no limit to the number of photo booth frames that can be designed to complement a specific event. For example, consider an Instagram selfie frame featuring your company’s profile photo, a flower frame for your wedding, or a Harry Potter frame for your birthday.


When you think of a mask, you immediately think of a masquerade party. But, of course, you can use masks for various other purposes!

Because movies like The Avengers are so popular, your guests will have a great time dressing up as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Hulk. For Halloween, the scarier, the better; distribute zombie, vampire, or monster masks.

Even if there is no specific theme, you can use the more general and charming animal masks. Photo booth masks allow people to be self-conscious in front of the camera to relax and have fun.

3D Props

If desired, you can rent more elaborate and high-end photo booth props. The possibilities are endless, from LED lettering to retro-style props.

Contact event props rental companies or collaborates with your chosen vendor to make the most of your photo booth experience.

If you want to go out with your theme, rent some costumes!

Some parties have racks of costumes for guests to choose from, not just for the photo booth. What a great way to get people excited for any event; this will undoubtedly be the talk of the town.

Inquire about what’s available in stores near you. There will even be a few rental shops that specialize solely in costumes.

Customized props

Even though there are many stock photo booth props to choose from, you may want to create your own.

If you are celebrating a lesser-known holiday, you may discover that your photo booth provider does not have the necessary items. Instead, look for printable props online; ready-made items are usually less expensive.

Another possibility is to organize a corporate event, such as a roadshow or product launch, and have attendees take photos with logo-branded props.

Remember that not everyone feels at ease posing in your photo booth. Some visitors are camera shy so props might come in handy.

If you hire a photo booth rental in Nashville, it will usually come with several props. However, you are welcome to bring your own!

Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.

Do you need photo booth props?

Props are crucial to any photo booth since they enhance the experience by bringing out your playful side.

What size photo booth props should there be?

Most of the picture props produced are 7-10 inches tall. 

Can I use Canva to overlay photos?

You can create a translucent overlay in Canva by choosing the square element and dragging it over your design. Set the chosen color and use the opacity slider to create the desired amount of transparency.

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