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The technicians that work on this vehicle’s armored cars Cameroon are very skilled mechanics For example, if you put new glass in a window five to ten times thicker than the original glass, the work required to make it all fit and look the same is an art in itself. To totally strip a car or sport utility down to the frame and put it all back jointly & make it look like a new stock vehicle that just came from the factory on the outside is truly amazing. This is what good Armor companies do to certify that the amount of protection installed on the car armored car is correct while maintaining the fit and finish of the vehicle so it retains the look of a brand-new car armored

When contacts choose the protection level of armored cars, the first thing to consider is the threat level you might encounter while in transport. American and European ballistics are the two of the standards that will determine the protection the armored cars will receive. American ballistics are classify into Levels such as I – IIA – II- III -IV – IV+. When it comes to fending off Armor piercing rounds such as 7.62 X 51 AP rounds fired from an AK-47 or SKS rifle you will need Level IV or B7 protection to withstand these hits.

The armoring that a vehicle receives is very heavy this reason, an armored SUV may be a better choice since the has the size & engine capabilities to move around all excess weight Depending on the car, you need to replace the engine with a stronger one to give it the power to move smoothly on the road with all the extra metal attached to it. One of the most important things about an armored car is how fast it can get you out of the scene of trouble. If you are driving down a road and shooting breaks out, you want to be able to get out of there fast.

The protect Armored Cars in Cameroon Glass!

The protected armored car’s glass systems are of special use in the military. Armored military vehicles have been in use for more than a hundred years. The armored cars Cameroon glass was first used in vehicles after World War I the number of crime being committed have increased considerably. To protect valuables that are being transported from one place to the other, armored glass was incorporated into the vehicles.

Performance Armored cars!

Today, bulletproof armor glass is used by military and police vehicles, SWAT teams, celebrities, politicians, and other important personalities. Transparent armor glass is used in the car so about provides the greatest to the people or valuables traveling inside. People, who look for the safest vehicles, opt for armored SUVs and sedans.
The lightweight aluminum body structure allows for competitive performance even though the total weight is increased by all the armoring systems. The chassis features the Adaptive Dynamic system with variable dampers and has been updated for increased body weight. The inner cell was the result of a partnership with centigrade which specializes in vehicle armoring. The protection is certified by QinetiQ which is an independent organization with worldwide recognition.

Deciding To Travel To Cameroon Armored!

It all began in June 1999 after I completed my 3 months intensive French language study program at a language school in Benin City. I realized I was already fairly comfortable reading & writing French, but I had not achieved the level of fluency in speech that I desired. For instance, I still struggled to respond easily to simple questions or carry on a conversation for short periods without having to pause and interject some “seems.

I inform my teacher I wanted to travel to any French-speaking country & spend part of my result leave there to develop my fluency. some deliberation, & decided that even though Cote D’Ivoire would be the preferable place to go, he would (for cost considerations) send me to stay with his family in Cameroon(Yes, my tutor is Cameroonian). That way, following his instructions in a letter to them through me, his brother and sisters would help me gain exposure to many opportunities to practice speaking French.

Armored cars in Cameroon vehicles!

Armored cars and vehicles now can be fitted out with many options that will not only help get you out of the danger zone when start shot at, yet help disable the person trying to follow anyone where to chase you in another car. You wait until you knew you going to make a specific turn & right before you get to the turn, on the oil dispenser which drops oil over the road of your armored car. it of course would make the person spin out or never be able to get traction from the oil. any happen to still catch up to you for some reason you could disperse the road spikes that would spread over the road and give the car chasing a flat tire.

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