Best Roles for the Outdoorsy Entrepreneur

outdoorsy entrepreneur

For those that love being outside, and enjoying nature and the fresh air, the idea of having to spend your working life in an office may be a depressing thought. Thankfully, to succeed as a business person, you don’t have to confine yourself to a desk job if you don’t want.

There are plenty of exciting and rewarding roles that you can do that will get you earning well while also enjoying the great outdoors. In fact, plenty of these roles can be very lucrative, especially if you start your own business in the field. Here’s a look at some careers you can get into that allows you to be outside more often than other roles, making them perfect for entrepreneurs who have adventurous and outdoorsy personality.


For the unaware, landscaping can be seen as glorified gardening. Although arranging flower beds and mowing lawns do play a part in landscaping, it’s also a far more industrious role, as you’re responsible for reshaping the landscape of a property.

The benefits of landscaping are clear. When completing your work, you’re almost entirely outside, usually spending your time at beautiful locations too.

This role is a bit labor-intensive, so it best suits those who are fit and healthy and don’t mind working hard. You can get your start in landscaping by treating the gardens within your local neighborhood, and although you don’t need much experience to start your own company, it is a good idea to educate yourself on the subject so that you can create beautiful scenery for your clients.

It’s possible to create an extremely profitable landscaping company, making it a great option to try if for the outdoorsy entrepreneur.


If you’re a traveler, want to see more of the world, and enjoy driving on the open freeway, then a trucker role in the logistics industry could be a great career move for you. As a trucker, you’ll be tasked with transporting goods from one location to another.

Of course, to drive heavy trucks and 18-wheelers, you’re going to need to get a special license, which can take a lot of time and also be expensive. However, if you already have a van, you can use that to transport smaller loads around the country.

To start a trucking business, one of the best ways to find shipping work is to search online for truck loads. Many sites allow you to find loads detailing what needs to be moved and where it’s going. These load boards will enable you to pick and choose your work, allowing you the freedom to deliver where you want.

When not trucking, you can explore the area that you’ve delivered to, opening your horizons while exploring the great outdoors.


If you’re more of the academic type who enjoys being outside but also has a keen interest in history, you could try to get a career as an archaeologist. With this role, you’ll travel around the world to exciting locations, looking to uncover lost artefacts from the past.

While climbing the ranks of this industry, you could be sent to locations in Europe, Africa, and even the far East, making it great for globetrotters who want to see everything this planet has to offer.

Of course, the barrier of entry for this role is rather large, as you’ll need a degree to qualify. Archaeology requires using specialist techniques and equipment, so it’s important to learn what you’re doing before starting this role.

Park Ranger

If you want to surround yourself with natural beauty, you can get a career as a national park ranger. In this role, you’ll patrol wide spans of wilderness and ensure that hiking trials and the environment is safe and clean of mess. You’ll also be responsible for helping park visitors if they require assistance.

For some parks, you’ll also be tasked with tracking the animals that live there, helping to cultivate certain species, and to build a thriving ecosystem.

This role is best suited to people who love camping and are confident that they can look after themselves in difficult outdoor situations.


If you don’t want to end up working a traditional 9 to 5, then take comfort in that there are plenty of roles for you that incorporate the great outdoors. Many of these careers offer scope for growth, and with many, you’ll be able to start your own business, which can allow you to earn well and build a prosperous future for you and your family.


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