Best sorts of Fences for Your Home in Sioux Falls, SD

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Whether you propose tackling the project yourself or hiring a pro, installing a fence may be a big decision. There is a spread of fence styles and materials and they can serve many purposes, so take a while to weigh the pros and cons of different yard fencing options.

What to think about Before Choosing a Fence

When choosing a fence type for your yard, there are some factors to take into consideration before purchasing materials or booking a fence installation.

Purpose of the Fence

Think about the purpose of why you want to install a fence. you’ll want to install a fence strictly to protect your family or contain your furry friends. or even you’re looking to add a decorative touch to your yard to boost your curb appeal.

5 Popular sorts of Fences

  1. Wood Fences

Wood may be a common type of fence material that can serve multiple purposes while appealing to many tastes. Wood fences are most frequently made from cedar and pine, but fir, cedar, redwood, and spruce also can be used.

You can choose from different fence styles like lattice patterns, picket designs, or vertical dog ear fence panels (when the ideas of the wood boards are cut at a slanted angle). Or choose horizontal slat fencing for an up-to-date look.

  1. Composite Fences

Composite may be a blend of wood and plastic polymers that can be used for both fencing and decking. Because it is often made from recycled materials, it’s an environmentally friendly option. Composite fencing comes in various styles and colors, and you’ll install it vertically for a traditional look or horizontally for a modern aesthetic. Of the opposite fence options, it’s a cloth that is on the more expensive side and requires professional installation, so keep this in mind when budgeting.

  1. Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are low-maintenance, strong, and straightforward to install, making them an honest choice for a wide range of fence installation projects. Because aluminum is lightweight and malleable, it is often installed on either flat or sloped land.

  1. iron Fences

Wrought iron is a type of metal enclose that can add a stylish and enhance the look of your home. Because it’s an extensive manufacturing process, crafted by a blacksmith reheating the iron repeatedly, it’s extremely strong and features a long lifespan. Pure iron is no longer commercially available and has been replaced by steel. However, you’ll be able to put pieces of existing fencing together to create a custom fence in your yard. Sometimes, you’ll purchase wrought iron in small quantities for restoring or conserving a property.

  1. Ornamental Metal Fencing

If you wish the look of wrought iron but want a less expensive and commercially-available option, consider a decorative metal fence. Steel replaced iron during the Industrial Revolution but can share the same aesthetic. Steel metal fencing remains a strong type of material and can add heightened security and protection.


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