BIS ISI Certification and BIS Registration (CRS)


What Is BIS License?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a government quality standard setting body, issues licences with a standard mark to identify the entity that has manufactured the product at a specified location. In this article, You will learn the bis the license certification process and the documents which need for registration.

BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme

The BIS certification programme is primarily voluntary. However, the Central Government has made compliance with Indian Standards mandatory for a number of products due to a number of factors, including the public interest, protection of human, animal, or plant health, environmental safety, the avoidance of unfair trade practises, and national security. Through the issuance of QCOs, the Central Government mandates the use of the Standard Mark for such products under a Licence or Certificate of Conformity (CoC) from BIS.

Certification Procedure for BIS ISI Certification and BIS Registration (CRS)

  • Fill-up the Application Form alongwith necessary documentation mentioned below.
  • Nominate an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) using prescribed Nomination Form.
  • Ensure that application is complete,
  • Submit duly filled-in and complete application along with requisite fees; documentation (in duplicate) and Nomination Form of AIR at FMCD, BIS Headquarters, New Delhi.

Guidelines for Grant of BIS Licence (GoL) 

  1. The Bureau grants a licence based on successful assessment of the manufacturing  infrastructure, production process, quality control and testing capabilities of a manufacturer through a visit to its manufacturing premise s. Conformity of the product to the relevant standard(s) is also established through third party laboratory  testing or testing in the manufacturing premises or a combination of both.
  2. The test reports of the product shall not be more than 90 days old. 
  3. This is Responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the test reports submitted are complete in all respects and conforming to the relevant Indian Standard with guidelines standards. 

Necessary documentation For BIS Registration

Here is the list of documents for BIS Registration

  1. Process Flow-chart showing complete manufacturing process
  2. List of Manufacturing Machinery
  3. List of Test Equipment
  4. Test report from an independent accredited lab
  5. Layout Plan of the factory premises
  6. Location Plan of the factory from the nearest Railway Station,  Airport and Landmark

The following documents shall be verified during the factory visit

  1. Verification report in the proforma, as given in Annexure-II
  2. Details of Quality Control Personnel
  3. Calibration Certificates of Testing Equipment to be verified during the visit
  4. Copies of Test Certificates of Raw Material, as applicable
  5. Drawing of the sample(s) of the Product and/or Components, as applicable
  6. Report of Hygienic Condition, if applicable
  7. Plant layout indicating the location of manufacturing area, storage area for raw material and finished product, testing laboratory etc.
  8. Location Plan of the factory
  9. For the tests which are permitted to be subcontracted and not available with the manufacturer, a copy of the agreement or consent letter from the outside laboratory for which arrangement for subcontracting is made
  10. Undertaking a long-duration test.

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