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brgo stock

Brgo stock international, Inc. is based in Fairfield, New Jersey, and was established in 1995. It is a Jewelry Company that manufactures, designs, and distributes its products. Brgo stock products consist of styles and designs made from precious metals such as platinum,  gold, diamond, karat gold, and other precious stones. Moreover, these products are make in various shapes and styles. Brgo stock International Corporation is in the business of opening retail outlets all over the world.

Brgo stock history:

This corporation was launched in 1995 and is based in Fairfield, NJ. Brgo stock offers different products in different categories such as fine, couture, fashion jewelry, whimsical, handbags, and bridal. Berge Abajian, the head designer and company’s CEO designed the brand’s product lines. He designs products from different precious stones with different shapes and styles. However, his family roots date back to the 1930s is the third generation jeweler in his clan. Over the years, their own jewelry has been supplemented with handbags that they also designed and other products as well.

Moreover, the world’s first NFT into the eCommerce print-on-demand space has also recently been launch by Brgo stock international. This corporation is taking a more aggressive stance on emerging technologies and data, as well as entering block chain through the NFT market. This corporation has also created a technology arm that will ensure it stays at front-of-the-line for new innovations.

Brgo stock principal products:

Brgo Handbags. In 2019, the Brgo Handbag Collection was introduced. These handbags are manufactured in Italy with top-quality Italian leather ranging in price from $450 to $875, which are very competitive entry prices.

Whimsical. The whimsical line includes crosses, charms, and other “add-on” pieces.

Fashion Jewelry. The Silver Fashion Collection was introduced in 2019 ranging in price from $50 to $1,100. There are different designs and collections of jewelry that are make from precious stones.

Fine. The proposed middle line will consist of fashion jewelry utilizing colored stones, diamonds, and pearls applied to a variety of applications such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The metals that we intend to use for the Middle line include platinum, 18K white, and yellow gold.

Couture. The Couture line is our most luxurious line, and consists of one-of-a-kind pieces, new showcase products each year, and predominantly utilize diamonds, platinum, and other precious metals and stones of the highest grade and quality available.

Bridal. The Bridal line is the core business of Brgo stock. We attempt to stay at the forefront of trends and designs in the bridal market with the latest in wedding sets, engagement rings, different wedding ceremonies, and wedding bands for both women and men.


Brgo stock symbol?

In this section of the article, we will discuss the symbol of Brgo stock international company. As we all know that symbol is basically the profile of any company, through these symbols traders will be able to find the company easier. Brgo stock International, Inc.’s symbol is BRGO.  This is part of the Retail/Wholesale sector and the Jewelry, Plateware, and Silver industry on the OTCMKTS. This ticker symbol is a tool to look for a company’s profile or trading page on a stock brokerage firm or exchange. Traders will be able to find the company easier.

Stock Split:

Brgo stock International Inc. implemented a reverse stock split last September 2019. Brgo International’s common stock has undergone a 1:10,000 reverse stock split. Except in the case of fractional shares, the reverse stock split will not affect any stockholder’s percentage ownership stake in Brgo stock.

Moreover, in a reverse stock split, the number of issued and outstanding shares of common stock will drop from about 5.4 billion to 539,000 USD. The updated Certificate of Incorporation of the company makes no changes to the number of authorized shares.

Brgo stock price history:

All Brgo stock international brands are committing to trendsetting designs suitable to seasonal trends. However, because of the lack of access to high-quality precious jewelry in 2020, sales from 2019 to mid-2020 were disappointing due to pandemics. That is why the corporation reached a 0.0036 stock price in 2020. Furthermore, Brgo international took some serious steps to improve its stock price. They started working with Gear Bubble, and they made a hefty profit. Gear Bubble is a fulfillment platform of B2B e-commerce that integrates with Esty, Amazon, and other platforms to improve the consumer experience. Gear Bubble sold almost 13,000 units every day, with some peak months exceeding 100,000 units right after it was introduced in September 2021.

Brgo stock price:

In this section, we will discuss the stock price of this corporation.  Brgo stock International, Inc. (Bergio) currently has a share value of$0.00. The market capitalization of this company is $2.37M. Overall, the total number of outstanding shares in the company is 2.63B. The 52-week range for BRGO is $0.00 – 0.03, with a current volume of $28.15M.

Brgo stock chart:

Now a stock chart is using to monitor Brgo International Inc.’s stock changes.  This stock chart displays the stock price plotted over a specified period, price change, chart period, and volume. The use of stock charts has the advantage of assisting you in finding less risky entry points in trading. Moreover, Because of this stock chart the risk is minimal, it provides a simpler way to determine the levels at which you will sell or buy more without incurring significant losses or forfeiting gains. It is this discipline that contributes to the achievement of outstanding results.

Brgo stock news:

This section of the article is for investors. If you are an investor, aside from the financial status and stock analysis, being an investor you must understand what is happening in the market. It profoundly affects the company.  This will be beneficial to know which aspects of the media you must read and learn how to evaluate them thoroughly. With this, you will have insights into the company’s status and possible future price fluctuations.

Furthermore, the media is now widely recognize as having a considerable impact on the financial markets. So, the media also helps out the new investors. We are all too familiar with the impact of the media. Many traders do not understand fundamental or technical analysis and base their investment decisions on the news.


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