Bureau of Indian Standards License Online | BIS Certification in India

Bureau of Indian Standards License Online BIS Registration

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the Indian government agency responsible for standardizing products and services in India. BIS is primarily concerned with setting standards for the production, processing, packaging and distribution of goods and their manufacture, testing and inspection.

The Bureau has several important functions:

  1. To formulate and issue national and international technical standards for products or services used in India;
  2. To determine and publish Technical Specifications (TS) for products or services used in India;
  3. Ensure that all manufacturers/suppliers adopt these standards/specifications;
  4. To monitor compliance by manufacturers/suppliers with such standards/specifications;
  5. Ensure that such products manufactured/supplied comply with such laws, rules, regulations and other legal requirements as may be applicable in respect of such products;

How to get BIS Certification in India

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a statutory body established by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India. It is an apex body responsible for standardization in India and also acts as a technical advisor to the Government on various issues related to standards.

To get a BIS certification, you have to have gone through a rigorous process which involves several steps. You have to submit your application form along with all relevant documents and be eligible under some selection criteria. After that, the organization will conduct product tests, and then they will decide whether to give certification or not.

After successful completion of this process, you will receive official BIS Certification

What is the difference between BIS and ISI?

The primary distinction between ISI and BIS is that ISI is quality assurance or guideline set by the Indian government for the assurance of a product’s positive quality. On the other side, BIS is an Indian government agency that offers ISI certification.

Documents required for BIS Certificate and Registration

  1. Copy of acknowledgement received from portal/ Screenshot of the online file submission b) Copy of letter of Grant of Registration
  2. Demand Draft with a photocopy of DD b) NEFT detail 
  3. Undertaking
    1. Test Report ( Product test report tested by BIS-certified lab.)
    2. For Test report b) For IS 13252 (Part 1) amendment 2, if applicable 
    3. For IS 16046 Changeover to the 2015 version, if applicable 
  4. Test Report Test Report
  5. BIS Registration letter for Raw Products that fall under CRS
  6. Raw product lab report which is used for BIS registration
  7. User Manual

Why BIS is mandatory?

The Bureau of Indian Standards BIS Certificate is mandatory because the Import of goods or services from other countries is one of the significant sources of revenue for the government. To safeguard the interests of Indian industries, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been established to check the quality and safety standards for imported commodities. This certification ensures that these products comply with all norms and regulations laid down by BIS. It also provides confidence to buyers that they are acquiring products which are free from defects, contamination and other harmful elements.

The import policy of BIS lays down specific guidelines on how to apply for this certificate, how to maintain it and what types of products need to be certified by BIS. So in this article, we have discussed, Hope you get Useful and informative.

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