Business Slow? Revive Customer Engagement with These Tips


When business is slow during a certain day or month, it signals a bad fiscal year. Slow engagement, plateauing growth, sales and revenue trending downward, no new customers, and declining subscriptions are but a few examples of what constitutes a slow day.

When this happens, it could mean a significant loss of revenue due to declining sales or service offerings. This means it is time to take action.

So, what do you do?

Here are six SMS marketing tips you can implement to revitalize engagement and drive sales:

6 SMS Ideas for the Off-Season

Meaningful, well-timed SMS can get your business back on track. Even if you experience no off-seasons, you can still utilize the following tips to drive conversions.

1. Offer Off-Season Specials

The best way to get customers back to your store is by offering them offers or discounts. Send bulk SMS promoting a product or a limited purchase to encourage customers “on the fence” to consider your offerings.

Always create a sense of urgency to ensure that customers follow through with a task – for example, check out their abandoned carts.

2. Get Ready for the Busy Season with Early Bird Deals

Offering deals on a first-come basis can keep your busy-week customers flocking during the low season. Every customer completing a transaction is a potential long-term client.

Deals such as “sign up now and save” can guarantee you some cash in the short-term and avail loyal customers looking forward to the next season’s offerings. These deals are especially ideal if your business is subscription or membership based.

You can also use these messages to hype a new product launch while inviting them for some trials.

3. Gather Reviews and Testimonials

Having a website full of honest testimonials is highly essential. Approximately 80% of consumers trust reviews from their friends. You can gain reviews by asking customers to give honest opinions about a product or service.

Include a direct link as a CTA; you might get plenty of reviews, shaping your marketing strategies.

4. Upsell and Cross-Sell Existing Customers

Customers who subscribe to your marketing messages are interested in your products. Use this to your advantage – upsell or cross-sell to them.

Using such data, you can pinpoint who to target afresh. From here, you can send those audiences yet to get an upgraded product or service a text with a CTA link asking them to do so.

Better still, you can use SMS to recommend other products and add-ons to your customers.

5. Educate Your Customers

It’d make sense if you want to keep pushing your products during the low season, but sometimes, taking a different approach helps. Be conversational; use SMS to educate your customers. Not every message needs to be about an offer or a discount.

Depending on your business, you can send product demos, how-to, product descriptions, and new features, to name a few.

Continue Your Business Growth with Celcom Africa

With up to 85% of smartphone users preferring SMS over other channels such as email or phone calls, text messages remain the obvious choice for establishing and maintaining close customer relationships.

Applying the above tips during the low season, for instance, will come in handy in engaging in rejuvenating growth. Now all you need is a way to send those texts.

Whether it is an SMS API integration or bulk SMS solutions, Celcom Africa can help boost your brand – low season or not. Begin your Celcom Africa free trial today and build a sustainable business.


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