Cape Cod Boat Sales – What to Look for When Buying

Cape Cod Boat Sales

Many people save for years to buy a boat with the hope of spending many happy days with family and friends on the water. Since new boats lose value quickly, more and more people are shopping on the second-hand market. Before spending your hard-earned money, it’s still important to ensure you’re not buying a lemon by asking the right questions. So, here are some things you should look for when looking for a cape cod boat sales.

What Was the Boat Used for Before?

This question is a great way to start a conversation. You can learn much from this question and use it as a springboard for more questions. If you ask how the boat has been used, you can find out how long it has been in salt water and how experienced the previous owners were. It’s essential to ask the seller about reliability, maintenance, storage, problems in the past, and damage. Their answers can tell you about issues with the boat and help you negotiate a price for a used boat.

Do You Have Records of Service and Repair?

You must have a service and maintenance record when buying something so expensive. A regular and up-to-date service and maintenance record will show you what repairs or problems have been fixed in the past and how well the boat has been cared for.

It’s important that the boat’s previous owners took care of it regularly and professionally over its whole life. The boat should have been serviced by a service center once a year, at the very least.

How Long Has the Boat Been Out?

In boats, there are no odometers like there are on cars. Knowing how many hours the engine has run, you’ll have a good idea of how much the boat is worth. Every year, the average boat should be used for about 50 hours. You can’t always count on the hour meter alone because it can be reset or disconnected much more quickly than the odometer in a car. Before you buy, check the engine yourself, or even better, have an expert technician check the engine.

Start the engine before you buy it to ensure it doesn’t run rough, make too much noise, or shake too much. Check for signs of rust and oil leakage. Check the oil in the engine and gearbox for milkiness, which can signify that there is water in the oil. If the oil is dirty, it could also mean that the engine or gearbox is badly worn or broken.

Are There Any Problems?

Before investing in used boats for sale cape cod, you can’t always count on the owner before you, to be honest. They might not say anything about the damage if the damage isn’t obvious. Look over the boat, or even better, have a professional marine technician look it over. Rot, mold, and mildew can be big problems in older used boats, especially around the deck coring. Cracks are a clear sign that the structure is failing in a major way. Keep an eye out for signs of water inside the cabin, which would mean the hull is leaking. But if the owners have cleaned it well, you might not be able to see them.

Check the boat carefully for any leaks, water damage, rust, or rot. If all of this sounds complicated and you’re not sure how to check any part of the boat, you should always have a professional look at it before buying it.

In addition to saving you money, purchasing an older boat can provide you with many years of pleasure on the water. There are various used boats for sale in cape cod ma are available so that you can buy them easily.


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