Checkpoints for choosing a pg in Bangalore


The Silicon Valley of India and the city with the biggest IT companies and colleges, Bangalore, it has led to a large inflow of the young population moving to Bangalore. With the increasing population of migrants in the city, the demand for good rental accommodations has increased, wherein the flat rental option is a little expensive, the pg option is really popular among youngsters.There are a number of pg options in the city but the pg near electronic city phase 2 seems to be the best option for the migrants mainly because it is the technology hub of Bangalore.

Below are some points that you should consider before choosing a pg in Bangalore

Cost: Budget is the first thing that should be considered while looking for paying guest accommodation in the preferred location. The balance is to be maintained before making the right choice.   

Connectivity & Infrastructure: While deciding the budget and locality, one has to analyze if the pg is well connected to different transportation systems and close to the grocery stores, hospital, pharmacy, parks, and most importantly easily accessible to the work location. It is the infrastructure of the locality that will decide how much one will spend on food, travel, and entertainment in a month.

Amenities: The most important point that should be considered before finalizing a pg is to look for the amenities that are being offered by the pg, because pg is the place where the person has to live.

1.   Basic amenities to be checked before finalizing the pg are –

Good water and electricity supply with a backup facility in a state of emergency: Water and electricity is the basic necessity in today’s time and a shortage of these two things will affect the work and the lifestyle of the person staying in the pg. In today’s time when working from home is also a work culture electricity backup is a must, and water has always been a necessity.

2.   Self-cooking or cook options:

Everyone wants their own space while cooking food, moreover, the food preferences will also not match with the housemates all the time, therefore cooking hours and a dedicated cooking area is a must.

3.   Basic security features like CCTV cameras and good lock systems:

Though Bangalore is a safe city to live in, but the pg has to have a security system, and CCTV cameras are the best solution. A locking system is something that is in control of the residents of the pg and a good lock gives a sense of security to the residents.

4.   Cleaning facility:

It is always advised to stay in a clean and sanitized environment, so it’s better to discuss firsthand about the cleaning services offered by the pg and the cleanliness that is to be maintained on a personal level.

5.   Clean and sanitized Bed and mattress if available, and clean bathrooms:

A clean bed and mattress are really important for one’s health and of course bathroom is the room for germs if not kept clean, so a clean bathroom and bed is a big thumbs up.

6.   Guest policies of the pg:

The guest policy is different for every pg, so discussing the policies should be discussed upfront.

7.   Roommates, housemates, and house rules:

Roommates and housemates are like your family in the pg, so it is very important to understand if you really connect with them, if there is any habit which you are not comfortable with needs to be discussed.

House rules really affect the quality of the pg because everyone has their own social life but that should not affect the other person’s privacy in the house in any way.

8.   The basic state of the flat (the property age and maintenance):

The house condition should not be weathered, it should be properly maintained and well painted, a neat and clean environment helps the resident keep calm and be creative in his way of life.

9.   Furnishings offered by the pg:

Furniture in a pg is according to the comfort of all the housemates, so the furniture offered should match your requirements, for example, if you want a work table in your room or an extra cupboard.

There are all categories of people looking for pg, some want to share rooms and some people just want to share the house but not the room. These Single sharing pg ‘s are not easy to locate because of the budget reasons, as it has to be cheaper than a personal apartment and should have all the necessities in the room as required.

Electronic city phase 2 being the most popular among the working sector in Bangalore has evolved into a market for single sharing pg as well. The single sharing pg in electronic city phase 2 is the place for a home-like pg in the city far from the home with all the amenities necessary for you at the best rate.


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