Cody Cross – the only crossword you’ll ever need

cody cross

We all like word games, some more than others. Crosswords are one of those that we enjoy a lot – why? Well, the idea is to fill in the answers to the puzzle without getting any letters out of place and then see how many words you were able to complete. Find out all about crosswords in this blog article, and see how testing your knowledge has never been more fun!

What is the CodyCross?

The CodyCross is a new crossword puzzle that was created by Cryptologic Productions, the company behind the popular Cryptograms game. 

The CodyCross is a dictionary of crosswords that includes every possible word and definition. A unique feature of the CodyCross is the ability to add your own crosswords, making it the only crossword you’ll ever need.

How to play

– Cody Cross is a very fun and addicting game. 

You can play Cody Cross free on your phone or tablet. There are also versions for desktop computers that you can download. The rules are simple: fill in the squares with the proper words to form a complete crossword. To make it harder, some squares have more than one word in them. You can use any letter, number, and special characters to fill in these squares. 

If you get all of the squares filled in correctly, you will be rewarded with points and a higher score. You can try to complete as many puzzles as you can before time runs out. If you finish within the time limit, you will be awarded extra points. If you don’t finish a puzzle before time runs out, it will be counted as a loss. 

Cody Cross is a great stress reliever and is perfect for when you have a few minutes to spare.

What problems does CodyCross solve?

Cody Cross is the only crossword you’ll ever need! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced solver, CodyCross has the puzzle solution you’re looking for. With more than 1,000 puzzles and daily new puzzles added, CodyCross keeps getting better and better. Plus, our unique social features let you share your progress with your friends, challenge them to a puzzle race, or just chat with other users while you solve.


If you’re a fan of crosswords, then Cody Cross is definitely the puzzle for you. His puzzles are big and jam-packed with clues, making them a challenge but also providing immense satisfaction when you finally figure out the solution. If you’re looking for an enjoyable yet challenging crossword puzzle to solve in your free time, check out Cody Cross’s website and see if there’s any that interests you.



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