Dealing With a Hot and Stuffy Home? Aircon Not Cold? Find Out What to Do!

Stuffy Home

Summertime in Singapore is infamous for its extreme heat and humidity. While air-conditioning is a life-saver for many, sometimes the aircon can’t keep up with the heat. So what can you do when your home feels like an oven? Check out these tips!

When you thought the summer heat couldn’t get any worse, your air conditioner decided to break down. And, of course, it always seems to happen on the hottest day of the year. But before you start panicking, there are a few simple things you can do to help cool the room down.

If Your Aircon Is Not Cold, It May Be Low on Refrigerant.

Your aircon not being cold could be low on refrigerant. When this happens, all you feel is warm air coming out. You would’ve been expecting cool air to come out, but it’s just warm air. This problem needs fixing urgently because it could lead to your electrical bill spiking. Not to mention, it’s just really uncomfortable to have warm air blowing on you when you’re expecting cold air. If you are in this situation, don’t hesitate to call a professional from to help you fix the problem. They’ll be able to quickly diagnose the issue and get your aircon running cold again in no time.

Dirty Filters Can Also Cause Your Aircon Not to Blow Cold Air

Dirty filters are one of the most common causes of air conditioners not blowing cold air. Over time, dust and debris can build up on the filter, restricting airflow and making it difficult for the air conditioner to cool the room. As a result, your air conditioner may start blowing warm air or even stop working altogether. In some cases, you may be able to clean the filter and get your air conditioner working again. However, if the filter is significantly damaged, you will likely need to replace it. Either way, keeping your air conditioner’s filter clean is important to ensure that it continues to blow cold air.

If Your Home Is Stuffy and Hot, You May Need to Have Your Insulation Checked.

If your home feels stuffy and hot, it may be time to check your insulation. Poor insulation can lead to problems, including excess heat build-up and decreased energy efficiency. In extreme cases, it can even create fire hazards. Fortunately, there are a few tell-tale signs that your home needs insulation: high energy bills, drafts, and uneven temperatures from room to room. If you notice these red flags, don’t hesitate to call a professional for an inspection. Take a look here

Ensure All the Windows and Doors Are Properly Sealed, So No Heat Escapes.

If your aircon isn’t keeping your home cool, you should first check whether all the windows and doors are properly sealed. If there are any gaps or cracks, heat will escape, making it harder for your aircon to do its job. In addition, make sure that your aircon is the right size for the room. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to cool the room effectively.

Install A Ceiling Fan or Two to Help Circulate the Air Around the Room

Installing a ceiling fan is one of the most effective ways to circulate air. Ceiling fans create a cooling breeze that can make a big difference in the comfort level of a room. In addition, they use much less energy than an air conditioner, so they’ll also help to keep your energy bills down. So if your air conditioner is on the fritz, don’t sweat it – install a ceiling fan and enjoy the cool breeze.


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