DGFT license for restricted items

DGFT license for restricted items

A DGFT license is a permit given by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry for food and drugs to import, manufacture or sell a certain quantity of a drug or chemical.

The requirements for obtaining a DGFT license for restricted items are stringent and must be followed strictly by all applicants. There are certain restrictions on who can obtain such a license and what can be imported under such a condition.

What is a Restricted Item?

All items that can only import with a licence, authorization, or in compliance with a certain process outlined in a notification or public notice are considered “restricted” goods.

The step-by-step process for filing an online application for an Import license is as under:

  1. Go to the DGFT website at dgft.gov.in.
  2. Select the “Services” tab
  3. Choose “Online ECOM Application” by clicking on “ECOM”.
  4. It will open a page with “e-filling of Application” (http://dgftcom.nic.in/eComapplications.html).
  5. “Restricted Item for import licence” Select this.
  6. After OTP-based authentication, access the application using your email or mobile device.
  7. Complete the IEC details*, RCMC details (if applicable), and other data fields with the import item details; add documents (in pdf format, with a maximum file size of 5MB); and make an online payment
  8. From the dropdown list, choose the relevant jurisdictional RA, then submit your application. 
  9. The applicant’s email and mobile device will immediately get an acknowledgement of their application.

Where can importers get the list of restricted goods required for import licences?

  1. Visit https://www.dgft.gov.in/, the DGFT website.
  2. Go to Import, Export, and SCOMET Policy under Regulatory Updates.
  3. Then select Restricted Items. Details: Importers can view the list of restricted items here.

Documentation needed to apply for a restricted import licence

Document’s required for application to get Restricted Import 

  1. Adhar card and Pan card of Authorized Signatory
  2. Authorization from concern dept.
  3. LicenseImport-Export License
  4. MSME Certificate
  5. Board resolution copy

List of Restricted Items :

  1. Pets
  2. Live animals & Bovine Semen
  3. Live Animals for R&D Purpose
  4. Horse for sportsmen
  5. Slag
  6. Ozone-depleting substance
  7. Tyre scrap/ Lead scrap/battery scrap
  8. Arms & Ammunition
  9. Import of Gold – Dore
  10. Transmitter or Communication Device
  11. Refurbished electronic products
  12. Import of Silver – Dore
  13. Aircraft/hot Air balloons/helicopter/UAVs
  14. Wild Animals under the animal exchange programme

List of Concerned Departments that authorize the import of restricted items

  1. Live animals and bovine semen for breeding purposes etc:- NoC From concerned state animal husbandry department
  2. Hose for sportsmen:- Recommendation from the equestrian federation
  3. Import of Pets:- Pet Book along with the return tickets (if applicable and any other relevant document read the guidelines of DGFT
  4. and Import of live animals for R&D Purposes:- Certification of having R & D facilities
  5. Import of Tyre scrap / Lead scrap/battery scrap:- DIC/Udyog aadhar, NOC From MoEF&CC
  6. and Import of slag:- State pollution control board certificate
  7. Import of ozone-depleting substance:-CA Certificate indicating production/ consumption data for the last 3 years
  8. Import of Wild Animals Under Animal Exchange Programme:- Recommendation of Central Zoo Authority
  9. Aircraft/Helicopter/Hot Air Balloons/ UAVs:- DGCA Permission
  10. Transmitter or Communication Device:- Regional WPC Permission/NOC
  11. Refurbished Electronic items:- BIS Registration Certificate or Exemption letter from MeITY

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