When Turned On Solutions and Fixes Dimmable Led Flash


Dimmable led flash the lights may be flashing in a LED dimming lights for a variety of reasons, but the most likely one being the one we’ll investigate with solutions.

Solve the problem of dimming Flash LEDs by using 20 suggestions from a lighting expert along with our short video tutorial on how to fire.

How to solve the problem of dimmable LED Flash

If your lights blink when you turn them on, the flashing lights aren’t just irritating and uncomfortable, they are also a sign that something is not working properly within the circuit for lighting. Lights that flicker dimly are typically caused by a problem in the configuration.

As long-standing lighting consultants We look into the reasons why dimmed LED lights flash . We offer detailed, yet quick suggestions to look into the most common causes and possible solutions.

1. Loose Wiring

Led lights that flicker intermittently could be an easy installation issue. Unstable wiring is among the most frequently encountered issues we encounter. If there is any loose wires, these will have to be connected or tightened.

It’s always recommended to get a professional inspection of your wiring prior to making use of any new electrical equipment within your home. They’ll be able detect any issues that could be causing problems and address the issue before it causes harm.

2. The LED won’t dim.

Some LEDs are not dimmable.

The most common reason for why my dimmable light bulbs flicker and my LED bulbs blink when dimmed is it’s not dimmable.

The flickering of LED lights can be an indication of trying to dim an ineffective blueb.

In the LED bulb or in the lighting system there are power sources that supply power to lighting sources for LEDs. as the power is decreased to the point of being dim them, the power sources must be able to convert the reduced power into a lesser amount of power which is acceptable to the source of light.

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If you attempt to dim the product won’t dimm, it could cause flashing LED lights.


3. Buy dimmable LED lamps

What exactly is a dimmable bulb? Light bulbs that can be dimmed are designed to work with a dimming device, so that lighting output is gradually decreased as per the instructions.

If you’re shopping for LEDs ensure you buy dimmable light bulbs in order to prevent problems with dimming LED lights such as led bulbs that strobe.

A company that makes LED lighting and bulbs will still offer you the option of creating an LED lighting circuit that can be dimmed or to pay a small amount and get a product which isn’t dimmable.

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4. Dimmable LED Bulbs flickering

If you notice your LED bulbs that dim are flickering then they may be defective.

If it’s an individual light source or fixture that is flashing before you dig any deeper into the reason your dimming lights flicker, replace the light fixture in question with one that you are sure is functioning and determine if you are able to pinpoint the issue to a defective product.


5. Make use of dimmable power supplies

The dimmable light source flickers as there isn’t the right power source for the light source. Make sure you use an energy source that dims and can work with your LED lights.

Even though an LED may be dimmable doesn’t mean that it’s compatible with every dimming technology available. To be able to stop dimmable LED light flashing and flickering and flashing, both the power supply and the LEDs must be capable of communicating with each other to provide the correct quantity of energy.

6. Make use of PMW LED Power Supplies

PWM (or pulse width modulation) (PWM) can be described as a technique that permits an LED to dim by turning it quickly off and on at a speed too quick for human eyes to be able to perceive. If it is not done correctly, it can result in dimmable led flickering and flashing LED lights.

You can prevent the visible flicker caused through pulse width modulation making use of an LED power supply specially made to use dimmable LEDs. These power supplies utilize the technique of phase-cut dimming. It is compatible with the majority of types of dimmers . It does not cause flashing or flickering which can result from the pulse width modality.


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7. Make sure that your dimming switch is LED Compliant

Dimmable light flickers can occur on the dimmer switch because they could be using the wrong dimmer unit in the switch. To dim LED lights effectively you require an appropriate control to dim them. There are specialized dimmer switches specifically designed for LED lights.

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In general, if you’re changing your lights to LED and would like them to dim, it’s an ideal idea to purchase new, compatible controls with the latest LED lamps. Try using older dimmer switches in conjunction with new LED lamps may not be a good idea because they may differ.

In addition, old dimmers may not function as effectively due to the fact that they’ve been used for a long period of time and have reached their expiration date.

8. Verify Compatibility Between the Controls and the Light

There’s a chance that you’re using an LED light that is dimmable using the wall dimmer. However, the light continues to flash, which is why it’s crucial to comprehend why the lights on my dimmers flicker? It’s important to know how the light and the dimmer are connected to each other in order to prevent LED dimmer flicker.

Lights flicker in LEDs when dimmed using the wrong control.

If you’ve had the misfortune of putting incorrect fuel in your vehicle, you’ll know that it will rapidly begin to spew out and then jolt to a swift stop. The lighting compatibility is similar.

Another tip to figure out why the dimmable light flickers is to determine if the lighting circuit or light bulb is one of the “leading-edge” or “trailing-edge” type , and ensure it’s suitable for the dimming switch in itself. This will ensure that the light bulb and the dimming switch are operating in the same phase of electricity.


We go deeper into what’s dimming and the ways that you should know and the reasons why led lights flicker with dimmer switches.

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9. Make use of an LED-sensitive Dimmer Switch

Another reason why flashing lights are often used is that you are using a non-compliant or unreliable source to turn on led lights.

An appropriate dimmer for LED bulbs is one with ‘RC’ printed on them.

These dimmers can be used with incandescent, 12V and 230V halogen bulbs and dimmable CFLs and LEDs.

LED lights flicker when you use dimmers that aren’t sufficiently sensitive to detect the load. Today, there are dimmer switch on the market, that have been designed exclusively for LEDs.

The most effective led dimmer switch with that doesn’t flicker comes with an exclusive microprocessor that works to smooth out the current which prevents dimmers from flashing and flickering.

10. Does your Dimmer Switch in Programming Mode?

LED bulbs flicker when dimmers when they are in the programming mode.


The issue with LED lights that flickering and dimming on the new dimming switch is that it could remain in the start-up mode, or the dimmable LEDs will flash across the entire circuit due to control has accidentally started the set-up mode.

Certain dimmer models may accidentally trigger by pressing buttons or rotary knobs with a quick repeat, or because you’ve lean on it or your children like playing with switch!

Manufacturers can help you identify the light sources in a specific circuit by providing them with the ability to flash together, so you can tell it’s an alert mode and is ready to receive instructions. In that mode, you will see a pulsing LED instead of a steady light.

Verify that you have the switch in the correct mode by following the instructions.

11. Are you dimming the wrong Kind of LED?

The reason led lights flash, is in the kind of LED you own. The dimmable LED you have will be flashing as you might have tried dimming the incorrect kind of light source with the dimmer switch you have chosen.

LED light is produced by running an LED chip by using three kinds of power sources:

  1. Constant Current
  2. Constant Voltage
  3. Direct Power


A LED strip light might require a different dimmer than a circuit with LED bulbs? You require the proper setup of the equipment. The LED that is constant in voltage requires the right driver (power supply) using the appropriate Dimmer module.

We will look at ways to dim LED strip lighting to achieve a smooth dimming of LEDs.

Did You Exceed the Maximum Number of Lights?

The reason LED lights flicker is that there an excessive amount of bulbs, or products in the circuit.

Most dimmers have an adjustable range. If you attempt to use more than the number of LEDs that are within the limits, then the switch could overheat and cause flickering and flashing.

The maximum and minimum power for the switch are always clearly stated on the package or on the bottom of the fixture itself.

To resolve this issue, remove a couple of bulbs that are LEDs from your circuit, or put in a new dimmer switch which can handle the added demand.

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Have The Dimmer Switch Been De-rated When Making a Choice?

LED lights flicker when you turn on the dimmer switch if there are too numerous lights connected on the dimmer. You can’t put many bulbs or lights on one dimmer switch particularly if the lighting sources are powerful.

It is possible that you will require several dimmers in order to take on the load and prevent lighting that flickers or inability to illuminate in any way.

Dimmer switches can be found in a variety of wattage ratings. it is important to ensure that you do not exceed the rating when selecting the LED you want, and you should also reduce the capacity.

There should be a substantial percentage remaining on the driver for LEDs and possibly 70% of it not being used. If you exceed the recommended amount it is possible that the circuit will not begin properly or stop by flashing visible.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are the LED Drivers Too Small?

LED dimmable transformers (drivers) come in different powers. It is important to determine the number of bulbs you’ll own prior to purchasing the driver. Keep in mind that total power of all bulbs must not exceed more than 20% of the transformer’s power for longer life of the product. For instance, if have four 4-watt MR16 bulbs, you’ll need an 20W transformer.

Are you meeting the minimum load?

The minimum load is a standard which was initially designed for halogens. However, it’s not always the case for LEDs. When using LEDs, you typically must test every combination as you go.



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