Does your dog need a dog life jacket?

dog life jacket

If your furry friend loves to spend their time in the water or you are giving them swimming lessons, it’s vital to invest in a life jacket for dogs. A dog life jacket helps your dog stay afloat, and they can enjoy pool time without the fear of drowning.

Now, Aussies love to have pets, and 61% of them are dogs. With these statistics in mind, it is natural that millions of dog parents will indulge in water sports with their dogs at least once.

So, it’s time to invest in a life jacket if you haven’t already.

Where does your dog need a life jacket?

You must put on a life jacket on your dog if you plan to be doing any of the following activities – 

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Swimming (lake or pool)
  • Water activities, even when they might not be taking part
  • Near all water bodies

Why does your dog need a dog life jacket?

A dog life jacket will keep your doggy safe and help it develop the confidence to swim if it is a beginner. Further, even if your dog can swim effortlessly, it will tire after some time. A dog life jacket will be the safety net in such cases. 

Some of the most important reasons why you should own a dog life jacket are – 

Your dog might not be designed to swim

Only some dogs have the structure to swim. You will resonate if you have a French Bulldog or a Boxer dog. Further, breeds like pugs have shorter snouts that make it difficult for them to breathe in water for long.

Hence, a life jacket will keep their buoyancy intact, and you can chill beside the swimming pool. 

Your safety net 

Our furry friends love to indulge in activities that can take us by surprise or shock. They will jump into a swimming pool or a lake when they least expect it. If you are unprepared, you might have to jump in the water even if you are not a swimmer.

You will not have your heart up your sleeve when they have a life jacket on.


We all fear unseen incidents and want to keep our paw friends safe. There may be instances of your dog swimming away due to ocean currents. In such cases, they will start paddling but get tired and even be swept further. 

dog life jacket will save them from exhaustion and help them find their way back.

Dogs get tired after paddling for long

You must be delighted to see your baby swim if you have a Labrador or a retriever. However, they will get tired after some time as their energy levels will decline with continuous swimming. 

This is especially helpful if you are at a beach or a lake where it becomes difficult to take quick action.

Keeping an eye on them is easier

If you take your dog to swimming lessons or are out with a bunch of dog parents, you must put a life jacket on your dog. Most dogs swim close to the surface, and it can get challenging to scan them in the water.

Further, you can choose a specific colour or design to spot your baby amid other pets. 

Handles on a life jacket is an added safety gear

If you must pick up your dog from a pool or lake in an emergency, handles on dog life jackets will do the trick. All you need to do is grab the handle and pull them out. 

Further, if you have specially-abled dogs, you can help them with their daily activities, including swimming. 

Bottom Line

To ensure your paw friend’s safety, you must invest in a  life jacket at the earliest. Humans put on life jackets in the middle of the ocean as a safety precaution. The same applies to dogs too. 

The important things to consider while buying a life jacket for dogs are – colour (bright preferably), weight (go for a lightweight jacket) and proper fitting. Further, a good quality vest will have a leash holder and a handle to pull them up quickly. 


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