Everything to know about Emerald engagement Ring

Different elegant bijouterie and plate on white marble table, flat lay
Different elegant bijouterie and plate on white marble table, flat lay

Today, modern women would want anything but a traditional engagement ring for their wedding, and diamonds are very traditional when it comes to engagement rings. Emerald engagement rings are a variation of the traditional engagement rings that rose for a few years. A variety of emerald engagement rings are available today. If you want a modern and unique engagement ring for your wedding then this guide is for you.

Origin of 

The Sumerians used to wear emerald rings on the ring finger of their left hand. According to their belief emeralds had an inflammatory effect on the eyes and so it was a common belief that emeralds should be worn on the left hand. After the evolution of thousands of years, emerald engagement rings have become popular. Among them, the vintage-inspired designs and the Victorian-style emerald rings have gained much popularity with time

Metals that go well with emerald

There’s no specific metal that goes well with emeralds. Like other gemstones, emerald rings can also be made with any metals available. However, many experts believe that an emerald made with a gold ring proves to be better than silver or platinum. Silver can be less expensive than other metals but it is also likely that they have blemishes. Also, silver doesn’t go well with emeralds. Golds suit best with emerald because the green hue goes well with gold and gives a good contrast. Gold like rose gold or yellow gold is strong enough and can withstand heavy use. Platinum is a white metal that also looks elegant with diamond and emerald engagement rings. Any metal of 18 karats is a nice median for an emerald engagement ring, as it would give the emerald proper support with adequate delicacy without compromising or overwhelming the appearance and strength of the emerald.  Emerald engagement Rings Hatton Garden is the best-designed emerald ring available in London.

Emerald cuts and shapes for engagement rings

Emerald cut- The most popular cut for an engagement ring is an emerald cut. The rectangular elongated shape gives an enlarged appearance making it an elegant choice for a solitaire engagement ring. Just next to the emerald cut is the oval cut emerald. Oval cut emerald rings are also a popular choice among the solitaire engagement rings. Oval-cut emeralds also have elongated shapes that add to the appearance of the size. Both emerald and the oval cut emeralds being elongated makes a bride’s finger look slimmer and more beautiful, especially for women with petite fingers. Cushion-cut emerald stones also look stunning when worn and give an antique-style appearance. Cushion-cut Emerald solitaire rings give a royal look with a halo setting.

Facts you didn’t know about emerald

Here are some facts about emeralds you need to know

Emerald isn’t too soft

You might feel that the hardness of the gemstone isn’t important but you should know that the hardness of a gemstone is a crucial criterion when it comes to engagement rings. The reason is engagement rings are usually worn daily and ideally it is supposed to last lifelong. Therefore, the stones need to be hard enough to withstand daily usage and abuse. Emeralds are also scratch resistant but of course, they aren’t impervious to damage.

High-quality emeralds are hard to find

Finding a natural and high-quality emerald is challenging as the gem hunters have to move and sort many rocks to get a high-end emerald. This is the reason why high-quality emeralds are rare and valuable.

Emeralds can be visually perfect

You might find some emeralds with inclusions, yet the high-end emerald can appear to be eye clean by naked eyes.

Emeralds are oiled

Yes, to enhance its aesthetics natural emeralds are oiled after being faceted. This is because natural emeralds appear to be dull and oiling the stone brings out its radiance and color.
If you want an affordable version of an emerald engagement ring then go for a lab-grown emerald. Be it Synthetic diamond rings or synthetic emerald rings they do not lose their shine with time if they are bought from Hatton Garden.


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