FARO Introduces 3D Digital Reality Capture & Collaboration Platform from Start to Finish

FARO Introduces 3D Digital Reality Capture & Collaboration Platform from Start to Finish

Easy, rapid, and accurate 3D model creation is made possible by integrated cloud-based workflow


The launch of a new capture and collaboration platform by FARO Technologies combines three novel solutions: the FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner for quick, accurate, and thorough field capture; the FARO Stream mobile app for real-time data verification; and the FARO Sphere digital ecosystem for the most effective exchange of data possible.

FARO 3D scanner

Buildings, facilities, and complicated settings may be measured accurately and completely with confidence using the FARO 3D scanner. With traditional documentation techniques, measuring a sizable structure, facility, or crash/crime scene can take days or weeks, and even then, the data may still have inaccuracies or be missing information. However, FARO Focus Premium can quickly produce accurate, comprehensive, and photorealistic 3D representations of any environment or item.

AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), O&M (Facilities Operations & Maintenance), and Public Safety Analytics are the markets that FARO supports. FARO has been a leader in integrating the physical and digital worlds for more than 40 years.  We have recently launched FARO 3D scanners, in addition to that, we offer customers industry-leading technology solutions that let them assess their environment and use that information to make better decisions more quickly.

4D digital reality solutions

On the 12th of April 2022, Lake Mary, Florida – A pioneer in 4D digital reality solutions, FARO® Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: FARO), has unveiled the world’s most effective data capture and collaboration platform. By combining three cutting-edge new solutions, the platform, which makes use of cutting-edge technology, offers the industry’s most effective cloud-based workflow: the FARO SphereTM digital ecosystem for the most efficient data exchange; the FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner for quick, accurate, and thorough field capture; and the FARO Stream mobile app for real-time data verification.

FARO President and CEO Michael Burger said, “With FARO Sphere as its backbone, our new end-to-end 3D capture platform provides customers with industry-leading ease-of-use, accuracy, and speed.” The generation, access, and use of 3D data models by consumers will be transformed via real-time data capture validation and remote collaboration. As more clients come to appreciate the advantages of our cloud-based solution, Sphere is anticipated to produce significant, high-margin recurring revenue for our stockholders eventually.

With fully new components and a tested design, the next-generation Focus Premium is the fastest, most accurate, and best data-sharing-enabled FARO 3D scanner on the market right now. When used in conjunction with Focus Premium, the new Stream app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices, provides on-site scan data validation (preregistration) and may be instantly synched to Sphere for registration and collaboration.

Through a safe single point of access, Sphere centralizes the gathering and management of all 3D data projects and is accessible to all stakeholders worldwide. Additionally, Sphere offers a unified user interface for FARO’s top software programs and customer service resources, such as HoloBuilder, a global construction progress management solution that offers hardware-independent image capture, registration, and viewing targeted at the quickly expanding Digital Twin market. Future enhancements to Sphere will offer more workflows that help customers achieve even more value.

Beta customers have discovered that the full platform solution significantly improves data delivery and analysis, reducing their time to decision by up to 50%,” added Burger. “We’re thrilled by the early comments, which confirms our strategy of deeply understanding consumer demands to revolutionize how they work in a 3D-enabled virtual world,” says the company.

As a US construction company, Helm Mechanical’s Leader of Innovative Technologies, Travis Voss stated, “We are very happy to see the achievements FARO has achieved.” The new Focus FARO 3D Scanner, Stream, and Sphere in combination with how everything flows together can easily reduce our scanning and processing time by 60%. Due to the time savings, we will be able to examine scanning projects more regularly, scan tasks that we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to due to time limits, and broaden our customer base.


To learn more about FARO, visit our website at www.faro.com and explore our state-of-the-art FARO 3D Scanners. We are ready to answer any queries you may have regarding our products and services.


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