Finding an AA Meeting that Suits you!

AA Meeting

AA meetings happen regularly across all famous cities and towns and finding one will never be a problem for anyone perhaps. You can simply use an online directory and look for an “AA meeting near me“. Once you find a meeting that can be accessed conveniently, call in, ask for details and attend!

What would your Expectations be from an AA Meeting?

Whether a local AA meeting suits your requirement will depend on what you are looking for from a gathering like this. Some of the more common needs would be:

  • The need for a platform to share your woes: Often, discussing addiction-related disorders with friends and family members who have not been on the same boat facing similar challenges, may seem pointless. This is where AAs can come in. Also, there could be some form of stigma or inhibition in sharing problems associated with alcoholism. Having a platform that does not stigmatize these issues is extremely helpful!
  • The need to understand alcoholism and the problems associated with it better.: Sometimes, those struggling with addiction issues do not have a complete understanding of the nature the severity of the problem. They do not understand the many facets of the issue and continue to live in denial. Attending one such meeting always helps in providing much-needed clarity.
  • There is always the need to seek advice: These meetings are sometimes attended by veterans who have combatted alcoholism successfully and also handled triggers. They can provide a tip or two to those who have not been able to manage urges.
  • The need to discuss mental problems associated with alcoholism is also associated with AA gatherings: These meetings recognize mental problems that accompany alcoholism and seek ways to treat or manage them. These meetings could prove to be an ideal platform to deal with alcoholism and mental health issues, all at once.
  • The need to be able to join a forum right after a pricey rehab that won’t burn huge holes in our pockets: AA gatherings can prove to be the ideal platform for supporting abstinence right after a rehab stay. It is often considered to be the ideal support for those recuperating at halfway homes before going back to regular living! And the very fact that it is free makes it an attractive proposition.
  • The Need for a guide or mentor for anchoring you through this difficult path: If alcoholism continues to plague your everyday life, attending an AA meeting in Floridawith a mentor could be your best bet. These mentors tend to help members by going out of their way. They remain in touch outside meeting hours and provide important tips for abstinence and survival!

Needs will meet Want

Once the needs have been specified, finding a local AA meeting that satisfies all these needs becomes easy. You can attend the first meeting which happens to be the closest and see how it feels. In case you do not like what you see, you can always look elsewhere. AAs are not affiliated with any formal organization. You can attend any meeting you please and there are no restrictions whatsoever. Just make sure you keep tracking your progress on the sobriety calculator.




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