Five Rainy Day Essentials Every City Dweller Should Have


Rarely are cities well-equipped to deal with hurricanes and copious amounts of rain.  As we have seen with Hurricane Ida, rain can be devastating.  It can compromise homes and kill people, so it is important to do whatever you can to prepare for rain, especially if you live in a dense city.  Often, cities are too dense for infrastructure to be properly maintained.  A crack in the sidewalk can worsen for months before anybody notices or cares.  Here are some ways to make rainy days easier, whether you are dealing with a historical flood or a typical storm.

1. Umbrellas

Whether you have a raincoat or not, an umbrella can be a great way to stay dry.  The only problem is that not all umbrellas are created equal.  The most primitive umbrellas can jam and their frames can break or become inside-out.  It is important to pick an umbrella that genuinely repels rain with a hydrophobic surface.  Not only can hydrophobic materials keep you dry more effectively, but they allow for the umbrella itself to dry faster.  Pick an umbrella that is easy to open and close.  If you are an outdoors type of person, then you may benefit from umbrellas that prioritize portability.  The best umbrellas are coated with hydrophobic materials and exhibit strong frames to combat high winds.  Settle for nothing weaker than fiberglass.  Remember that you will not use your umbrella once: It will have to withstand years of irritation from the elements.

2. A Good Raincoat

A winter coat cannot double as a raincoat.  To wear a winter coat in a torrential downpour is to become soaked anyway.  A raincoat can keep you comfortable if you need to be out in the rain for a very long time.  A raincoat is more dependable than an emergency poncho, as ponchos are to be used only once before being thrown in the trash.  A versatile and potent raincoat should also be made out of hydrophobic materials.  Consider purchasing a raincoat with a hood, if for some reason you do not want to hold onto an umbrella.  Raincoats are perhaps the most immediate ways to stay warm and dry, which is very important in the colder months.  Due to climate change, the worst part of winter might be the rain that is nearly as cold as snow.

3. A Durable Set of Boots

Boots can be a lot better than regular shoes if the weather is bad enough.  Consider purchasing a pair of boots for nothing other than the worst storms.  You never know when you might accidentally step in a puddle and open your feet up to fungus or other skin conditions.  Pick a set of boots that does not look too “out-there.” Consider colors like black, brown, and beige.  You need not make a fashion statement when everyone is trying to scramble inside. Also, pick boots that you know will last for a long time.  Scrutinize reviews.  Go to an in-person store and try some on yourself.  A good set of boots can last for years.  You can also employ boots in winter weather to keep warm, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

4. Gloves

Fingerless or otherwise, a warm pair of gloves can be a great way to combat the frozen rain of February.  Extremities are the parts of us that are most susceptible to the cold, especially when we are wet.  Purchasing gloves can be a good way to make sure that even our hands stay comfortable, as your hands are often the most immediate parts of us to become cold due to inclement weather.  Gloves may affect your ability to use your hands.  Consider non-obtrusive gloves that allow for you to interact with your phone and easily grab things.  Finding non-obtrusive gloves may not be critical, though it may offer a lot of comfort.  Once you obtain gloves, consider sticking them in the pockets of your go-to coat for easiest access.  Save that cognitive RAM for the harder stuff.

5. Board Games

If you are inside, board games can be a fun way to pass the time.  Most board games are simple enough to be picked up fairly quickly, yet they are complex enough to be fun and challenging.  Board games can be a great way to challenge your mind if you lose power.  Losing power can be frustrating because, all of the sudden, we are left without our usual social media-based coping mechanisms.  We must have the ability to adapt to power outages as well as returns in electrical power, and board games allow us to do this.  Board games are really fun and really important for optimizing our mental health, even if it is raining outside.  A board game can make rainy days more fun.


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