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Air Cargo

Sending packages by air cargo services in Dubai to India ss an easy way to get our boxes of items delivered to the package’s recipient address. It delivers faster than shipping them by sea freight plus with the right choice of air shipment service, we are confident that our shipment will arrive in good condition.

However, there are occasions when these deliveries are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions that affect flight services. While they can’t be helped, it doesn’t lessen the fact that we can worry about our shipments – if they’ll still arrive in one piece or if they’ll arrive at all.

Fortunately, there are air cargo tracking services that we can find online that can help us trace the whereabouts of our shipment or at least check the reasons for the delay.

Free Air Cargo Tracking

As a rule, our chosen air shipment service should be able to provide us with accurate information about the whereabouts of our packages. Most major air shipping services have their own websites with delivery tracking facilities.

Also, there are several free air cargo tracking websites that can help us track our shipment. These websites are associated with certain air freight services and may provide real-time information about the status of our shipments.

How to Track Air Shipment Online?

Usually, websites that help track air shipments have instructions on how to use their tracking facilities. They will ask us to enter certain information about our package and the air cargo service we used to locate our shipment for them, or give us information about the reasons for the delay. , if any.

We need to know the airway bill number or tracking number of our package which will be provided by the cargo service upon our employment of their services. This airway bill number or tracking number will be the code that will be attached to our package and which we will use to locate the package or request information.

In a word, this is our shipment identification number. We should not allow any air cargo service to ship our items without these numbers. After we have the tracking number, we are now able to use any of the air cargo tracking services that we can find for free on the internet to track the location of our package.


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