The Oxyhelp industry produces hyperbaric chambers that are more efficient and provide the best hyperbaric oxygen therapy worldwide. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was first practised in the United States and till then it has gained a lot of fame. In this therapy, a person enters into the hyperbaric chambers and high-pressure oxygen is diffused into that cubicle. The oxygen heals the body from within taking less time than normal healing. These chambers provide oxygen at a pressure that is three times greater than natural atmospheric pressure.

HBOT is used in curing several health issues whether they are medical or general physical disorders. As we know athletes face different physical issues so hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays a vital role in curing such issues.

Here in this article, we will discuss how hyperbaric oxygen therapy is useful in curing physical disorders and discomforts in athletes.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a therapy in which a high level of oxygen is provided inside a chamber where the person intakes high-quality oxygen at a pressure that is three times greater than natural atmospheric pressure. The purity of oxygen in hyperbaric oxygen therapy is hundred per cent. The oxygen is delivered at a high pressure which makes it to diffuses into the blood plasma and makes micro-vessels oxygenate the body more and make all body parts work efficiently.

Oxygen plays a vital role to work the body in a proper way. Sports is a tough activity where accidents and injuries are common. HBOT helps athletes in their sports competitions worldwide. All the body’s organs use oxygen for proper working and cells die from oxygen deficiency. Thus, keeping in mind the role of oxygen, the HBOT chambers are made by the Oxyhelp Industry especially to save athletes from any conditions like muscle pull and bone pain and provide oxygen to the body to work properly.



Athletes are those persons who play different types of sports activities that need physical strength, endurance and energy. They perform in running, jumping and throwing events. For those activities, athletes require fitness and a strong body. While performing in fields, athletes face many physical discomforts like muscle stretch, joint pain, soft tissue damage etc.  Due to heavy work out, training, public expectations and many other issues; international athletes face so many physical injuries that in extreme cases cause physical injuries and psychological disorders. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the best therapy for them to make their body heal speedily in case of any injury. Sports clubs from different regions of the world are considering hyperbaric oxygen therapy as the most efficient one for bringing injured athletes to the ground only after a short recovery break.


Professional athletes are exposed to several physical problems. Muscle stretch, muscle pull, strains, soft tissue damage etc. are common. Due to hard training, the physical problems that athletes are facing are as follows;

  • Sprains (stretched and torn ligaments)
  • Strains (pulled muscles)
  • Shin splints (pain in the tibia)
  • Patellofemoral pain
  • Iliotibial band friction
  • Medial tibial stress
  • Lower extremity stress


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays an important role in the cure of athletes having physical injuries since early times. It is the best damage control therapy to relieve the pain and lessen the risks of complications. Athletes also need high levels of oxygen in their bodies to get rid of CO poisoning after hard training. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers keep them healthy from the inside.

Nowadays, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is considered a major procedure to cure physical problems in athletes. It’s a helpful medical aid to eliminate post-workout complications and facilitate them to perform their gameplay properly. The high amount of oxygen in the hyperbaric chambers also reduces the recovery period required and helps in accelerating the healing process throughout the body.


Hyperbaric oxygen chambers have oxygen with high pressure inside them. This high-pressure forces oxygen to diffuse inside the blood vessels, blood plasma and all the body cells, and muscles. For physical problems in athletes like stretched muscles (CO poisoning), hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to oxygenate the stressful body parts and it brings the body back to its normal functioning even after a couple of therapy sessions.

The medical practitioners recommend a 60 to 90 minutes therapy period for injured tissue in athletes. The set pressure is 2.4 ATA with 97% oxygen supply. The sessions are scheduled for sixty to ninety minutes according to the damage inside the muscles, tissues and ligaments and the progress shown. It is a very safe and reliable option to stop any serious damage to the important organs of the body.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown prominent results in pain relieving management procedures in athletes. Researchers have found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy has several uses to get rid of such physical problems.

Physical problems mainly affect muscles, tissues, ligaments and tendons in the body. After a tough routine of athletes, low levels of oxygen in their body (CO poisoning) cause muscles to be stretched and pulled. The Oxyhelp industry manufactures hyperbaric oxygen chambers that are useful before and after pain relieving procedures. Medical practitioners now strongly suggest athletes get hyperbaric oxygen therapy to perform better in competitions and to get rid of many physical problems.

More benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in physical problems are given as follows: 

  • Improves healing process 
  • Maintains the activities of daily life in athletes
  • Remove CO poisoning 
  • Improves recovery time of stretched muscles, tissues etc.
  • Enhances a positive attitude towards life and gets rid of physical problems in athletes.


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