How Do Study Guides Help?

Study Guides

Many students and teachers use study guides for learning and teaching. It is an effective way to cover all topics with important details. You can also model your class notes after their style, and a guide series like the Dymocks Key Points will help you study for HSC and ace it. But first, let’s look at how study guides help students. 


Organising your lessons involves managing how you record information and managing your time managing the information. (Read that again.) Most students use notes to keep records of tiny details, but it is a lengthy process that takes time to find the topic you need as they are mostly based on your teacher’s teaching schedule. But with study guides, there is no need to sift through days and days of lecture notes. The layout of the study guide helps you know what is where. And even if you are looking for a specific topic, you can find it easily. 


Study guides help you pay attention to one topic at once. All the details and information regarding that specific topic are mentioned in the guide in one place. Also, every study guide specialises in a single subject whose lessons are systematically and thoroughly analysed to provide the tiniest and most important details. As such, reviewing or creating your study guide leads to in-depth knowledge about several concepts. 


Consuming structured information is better than combing through pages of illegible, disorganised notes and trying to make sense of them. So, with guides, you save time and can focus better. 


When you create your study guide, you focus on the style of what you are taking in. So, multiple methods are used to work with the data given, allowing for reviews from several angles. As such, you gradually progress from superficial to in-depth understanding, and this makes remembering easier. And since the entire book is based on one topic, there is no way you will be distracted by something else or go off-topic. Meanwhile, notebooks can be untidy, and textbooks might be too colourful or jam-packed. But, the information in study guides is presented neatly and in a non-intimidating way. 


Why You Need Guides

Guides like Dymocks Key Points are the perfect addition to your preparation schedule for HSC. They cover topics such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, etc., making your HSC a huge success. As such, they allow you to score the most using key points written by top HSC achievers. So, a few features of the series are:


  • Time-efficient: They help prevent time wastage as you will not have to make notes on topics you do not have time to read. Guides condense only the essentials of your textbooks and explain everything in sufficient detail.
  • Friendly presentation: There are effective summaries, bullet lists, examples of concepts, and practice questions; this makes studying easier.
  • Practice exercises: Several comprehensive exams and practice questions are combined to enable revision and critical thinking. Cracking problems and answering questions will mentally prepare students for their exams. 
  • Affordable: The guides are inexpensive and are written by HSC achievers who scored either 6 or E4 in the respective subjects. 

Get Yourself a Guide!

It is common for students to get distracted and bored when studying, and you might have gone through it yourself. Have you read through a page and returned five minutes later with no recollection of what you just read? Well, study guides help avoid such incidents, as they focus on structured information you need to prepare for your exams and ace them.


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