How Mature Celebrity Women Prepare For Motherhood?


More and more women are having children at an older age in present times, and while this can often be a good decision, it can also come with risks. It is important to go into a pregnancy with a clear understanding of the risk factors, as well as knowing how to best take care of one’s self while the body is undergoing this seemingly impossible task.

Having children at a more mature age can be beneficial to both the mother and child. Many mature celebrity moms, such as Julianne Moore and Selma Hayek, have reported that having children when they are older allows them to be better mothers than they believe they would have been at a younger age.

Pros and Cons of Having a Child at a Later Age

As mentioned above, many parents – celebrities or others – have reported that having children at a more advanced age is preferable to having children at a younger age. Many people feel that they are more equipped to be better parents, as they have more life experience and knowledge. Of course, financial security is also important, and many don’t find that until they are older. 

For many, there is also a desire to experience as much of life as possible at a younger age, but that may be more difficult to do after children are born. For example, a life of travel and luxury may not be possible when there are essentials such as school, activities, and learning to accomplish.

Children may also breathe life back into people who were feeling as if their lives were empty or directionless. While having children can be difficult and extremely time-consuming, they can also bring a sense of life fulfillment that was not previously attainable. Studies have shown that older parents often have a better relationship with their children, and have children who are less likely to have behavioral problems or learning disabilities.

However, having children at an older age does come with risks. One of the largest risks involved is the health of the mother. Growing, carrying, and birthing a child can be one of the most extreme things the human body is ever subjected to. At an advanced age, there is more possibility for short and long-term issues that may cause problems with the pregnancy. This is why it is essential for every mother, celebrity or not, to give attention to their health both before and during pregnancy.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy at Any Age

There are a number of things that a mother can do at any age to help ensure the best possible chance for her baby to be born in optimal health, as well as to keep herself healthy throughout the pregnancy. A mother focusing on her own health during pregnancy may even make her pregnancy easier on herself, and make labor less intensive on her body.

One of the most simple ways to take care of the body and baby during pregnancy is by living a healthy lifestyle. Eating a wide variety of healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, is a good start to good baby health. There are many supplements geared towards expecting mothers, but it’s always a good idea to ask your health provider first–whether it’s a fish oil supplement or a prenatal vitamin. It is also important for the mother to make sure they are getting an adequate amount of fluids to keep the body hydrated. Focusing on calcium-rich foods, as well as dark leafy greens, can help ensure that the intake of folic acid is at a good level to prevent birth defects.

Many mothers also choose to have genetic testing during pregnancy. These types of tests can help a mother determine if her fetus is at a higher risk of birth defects. Prenatal testing starts with non-invasive screening tests done on the mother in the form of blood tests, DNA tests, and ultrasounds. These tests pose no risk for the child or the mother. If these screening tests indicate the possibility of genetic defects, the mother can then choose to have further diagnostic testing that may be more specific.

Starring in a Healthy Pregnancy

Being a mature pregnant woman can be absolutely marvelous, and being well-traveled and worldly may help a mother live their best possible life. The health of the mother during pregnancy is key, and like many celebrity moms who have learned of the joys of motherhood even at a later time, keeping the mother healthy is essential, as well. And by taking the necessary steps to help ward off complications, then all mothers can look forward to a healthy labor and delivery.



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