How Men Can Control Themselves During Tough Times?


Well, tough times are a reality in life which every man has to face some or the other day. No one can escape from suffering hardships in tough times. One may feel that rich men do not face tough times, but these utterly tough times do not come on the basis of financial situation. Yes, tough times may indeed be different in the sense of challenges it poses to a person. For example, a rich man who has a multi-billion-dollar business empire. For tough times may be a bad quarterly result with fewer profits or revelation of any scam that may decrease its goodwill in the market. Similarly, for a middle-class man, tough times may be losing his job and working hard to feed his family.

So, one thing is clear tough times in life are inevitable. If it is a fact then why today majority of mental health patients are men and are taking pills like Cenforce 200 and Vidalista 60? The main reason is the aspiration of a life with no tough times. Many men feel that someday when they reach a higher position in their career or achieve something in life tough times will vanish. This is a myth that makes men suffer the most as this dream is never going to be fulfilled.

In this article, we will try to discuss this problem of men and provide tips to remain in control during tough times.


Like Siddharth got enlightened and became buddha similarly you must men must enter the phase of realization in life to know better about themselves and humans. It is the duty of parents, teachers or close friends or even family doctors to make them realize that tough times are here to stay hence we should prepare ourselves to face them not run away from them and wish for a life with zero challenges.

Take the example of any great being or personality whom you admire, it could be a sportsperson, politician, actor, dancer, etc. All such great men who inspired millions of lives lived a life full of hardships. Millions of people love a man only because they find their own reflection in him and think that if he can overcome such hardships then why can’t men. Not a great personality has had a cakewalk in life. So, if you are aiming for a big goal or even a small one, you have to go through tough times. The moment this realization develops no matter what challenges come in life, nothing can obstruct your productivity, you will remain the same in sorrow and grief.

Communicate with a close one

There is a saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. When you are feeling low and nothing is going as you expected, do not keep that grief to yourself, share it with a close friend. It is not necessary to be a close friend, the other person could be your parents, relatives, siblings etc. We, humans, are social animals, without communicating with each other we may go depressed and develop negative thoughts. This is why people living alone are more likely to get depressed. We saw in the COVID-19 pandemic how even renowned celebrities committed suicide. From the outside it seems that all is okay in their life, they must have been billionaires or millionaires but still, they had no one to talk which resulted in an accumulation of grief.

Just as sharing happiness multiplies itself, similarly sharing grief reduces it. Tough times are the moment that differentiates between usual people and close ones.

Do your hobby

The things we do for money are called the occupation of the profession. For few people only their passion or what they like to do is also their occupation. Otherwise, the main reality is that professions are done out of compulsion for feeding family and fulfilling financial needs whereas hobby or passion is done for enthusiasm and satisfaction.

In tough times your hobby or passion can be a great me time. Find out some time from your busy schedule for your hobby, this will ease out stress and make you feel calm. Even doctors have proved scientifically that doing your favourite leisure activity or pastime increases dopamine levels that uplift the mood of the person.

Go for a walk

A simple workout can be beneficial in reducing all the stress in your mind. It is not necessary to go to the gym and do an intense workout, a simple walk is enough. Go for a stroll alone or with a partner for 20 to 30 minutes. Walking increases blood circulation in the body providing the person with a boost of energy and enthusiasm. This reduces stress levels and improves the secretion of dopamine giving your relief from stress. During tough times instead of accumulating negative thoughts get up and go for a walk. This will reduce your dependence on pills like Cenforce 100 sildenafil citrate at Powpills.


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