How To Choose Dressing drum sterilizer in India

hospital dressing drum sterilizer

In India, the medical sector is the backbone of the Indian economy, as there is a constant need for medical equipment. A hospital dressing drum sterilizer is one simple piece of medical equipment that plays an important role in storing & sterilizing hospital materials, surgical instruments, injections, cotton, dressing materials & other medical equipment, etc. we recognize material selection is a critical component of the successful development for your medical design and device objectives. We ensure upholding the highest risk assessment of our product through rigorous processes and performance criteria to support these objectives. 

As such in a proactive response to industry concerns, we have taken significant measures to mitigate the risk of infectious agent contamination, through controlled souring and qualified evaluation and vendor verification for all our starting medical material. Through these efforts, Esporti Impex is proud to announce that we have now become the leading medical equipment manufacturing company in India that manufactures quality medical equipment, laboratory equipment & best hospital dressing drum sterilizer in India.

As dedicated patners in material science technology, we are committed to providing the most advanced performing equipment with the highest level of quality and safety to support the design and development of the material device. Our products are found to be remarkable all over India, we provide 100% accuracy, guarantee, and long-lasting life service at a reasonable price. Starting from dress drum sterilizer followed by carbon dioxide incubator to donor chair, our company is just flawless in this equipment. 

Why Dressing Drum Sterilizer?

The main reason why every hospital, clinic, or medical institute needs to have a sufficient amount or quantity of dressing drum sterilizers is that these drum sterilizers help prevent bacteria & microorganisms, it also helps avoid transmission of infections, diseases & infections from one patient to another. A wise choice of medical sterilizer will show remarkable health recovery which will make way for loads of benefits to the doctor and patients. A dressing drum sterilizer has proved to be the best and safest equipment for appropriate medical treatment. Let’s elaborate more about the right choice of drum sterilizer. 


The cylindrical container is used to sterilize dressing materials (gauze compress or cotton etc.) in a steam sterilizer (autoclave), and to keep them as “sterile” dressing materials for medical activities (i.e. dressing, injection, etc.) A Closing lid with a clip lock, Carrying handle, and Air vents system allow steam to circulate freely during the sterilization cycle. A lateral air vent system is preferable to top and bottom air vents. with appropriate length and width. Also, we assure of 100% quality and price lowered. 

Before you still choose a dressing drum sterilizer then make sure to check the following qualities in the dressing sterilizer you choose.

Spacious Drum Sterilizer

Your hospital dressing drum sterilizer needs to be specious as there are many pieces of equipment to be stored in the drum sterilizer. The drum sterilizer should be big enough, easy to store & should have multiple storage sections to easily store small medical equipment. 

Quality Closing Lid

The closing lid of the dressing drum sterilizer should be of good quality and air tight. There should not be any faults in the closing lid as this can cause microorganisms to enter the drum sterilizer if the closing lid is of inferior quality. So make sure to choose a drum sterilizer with a good quality closing lid.

Heating Effect

The main use of the dressing drum sterilizer is that it gets heated inorder to kill the germs & microrganisms present in the medical tools & equipments. It is best suggested to check the heating effect of the dressing drum sterilizer & know how long does it take to heat & cool down.

Best Dressing Drum Sterilizer In India

Esporti Impex is the leading dressing drum sterilizer manufacturer in India that also manufacturers wide range of medical equipments, medical furniture, and laboratory equipments all under one roof.

Esporti Impex manufacturers some of the most high quality & durable hospital dressing drum sterilizer at very competitive prices we also manufacture carbon dioxide incubators & blood donor chairs of the best quality with guranteed warranty of 1-2 years & replacement if any product is damaged according to terms and conditions. 

What are Carbon Dioxide Incubator?

CARBON DIOXIDE INCUBATOR: CO2 incubators are popular pieces of lab equipment that stimulate the growth of cells or tissue inside the unit. The special feature of our incubators is the sensors. the advantages of this are it Reacts quickly to fluctuations in the concentration of CO2 and  Does not provide any places where contamination can be hidden. The other benefits are 

  • Consumables and wearing parts
  • Cleaning agents
  • Personnel costs

Esporti Impex promises top quality medical equipments & products, feel free to connect to Esporti Impex today for the best medical equipments in India.


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