How to Choose the Best Damage Free Hair Colour- Experts Reveal


While getting your hair coloured can alter how you look, it can also seriously harm your hair. Here is the recommended frequency for recolouring sessions.

We all enjoy keeping oneself presentable, and colouring your hair is one of the easiest methods to do it. It has the ability to completely alter the way we look! Additionally, it includes exposing our hair to harsh chemicals that might harm it. After colouring your hair, you will eventually need to recolor it, which will continue the cycle of chemical exposure.

Does that imply that hair colouring or recoloring should be avoided?

Here are some goods you can test out:

The sort of treatment you choose will determine how frequently you get your hair coloured, the expert claims. There are three main techniques for colouring hair:

Permanent hair colour alters the very structure of hair strands, as the name suggests. Therefore, the change will last till your hair comes back at the roots. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, the chemicals used, are extremely harmful to your hair. These two substances work together to break apart the cuticle of the hair and access the inside structure, changing the colour of the hair. It can last up to 8 weeks but needs to be touched up at the roots when your natural hair grows back.

The permanent hair colouring process makes heavy use of bleach, which can seriously harm your hair. Occasionally, a very high dosage of bleach is used to significantly lighten your hair. Your hair may become more porous and susceptible to moisture loss as a result of this process. Such hair is extremely brittle. In this situation, your hair is safer when coloured less regularly. Before eight weeks, redying the hair completely should not be considered.

This approach falls in between the first two approaches. In contrast to permanent hair colour, it lasts longer than a semi-permanent colour and uses fewer chemicals overall. A demi-permanent organic hair colour is ammonia-free and only needs a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to lift the hair cuticle just enough to allow the pigment to cling to the hair. 4 weeks should pass before colouring your hair again if the demi-permanent colour is only being used to blend grey hairs.

To keep the health of your coloured hair :

  • For washing and conditioning, use hair products that are color-safe.
  • On coloured hair, use a heat protection before using thermal force, such as blow-drying or curling.
  • Consider moisturising oils that can permeate hair strands and aid in hair restoration, such as olive oil, almond oil, amla oil, castor oil, or coconut oil.
  • Ladies, dye your hair, but be sure to consider the health of your hair while deciding how often to do it.

Oils that are nourishing and other enhancing components are included in the formulation of certain hair colours. While dyeing your hair, these nutritious hair dyes lessen damage because they feed your hair. You may keep your hair moisturised and maintain its lustre and smoothness by using these nourishing hair colours, which contain oils.

While dyeing your hair, the Indus Valley black hair colour Range nourishes it. The goodness of three essential oils – olive, almond, and avocado was included in the formulation of this line. Your hair’s dryness and damage are lessened by these oils. The fact that this line uses no ammonia as a hair colour is an extra benefit. With the several tones that this range has to offer, you can experiment with different hair colours.


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