How to Choose Your Next Bong and a Guide to Bong Size


There are countless ways to ingest cannabis, as any inventive cannabis enthusiast would attest to. The ideal way to consume marijuana is through a glass bong. The only issue is that not all bongs are made equally, so choosing the incorrect glass bongs in Rutland, Vermont, could be a costly error. Find out which pipe size is best for you by reading on.

Advantages of smoking a bong

Here are some of the primary reasons you should purchase a bong before we delve too deeply into which bong to recommend:

Smoother smoke:

The most negative aspect of smoking is the irritation it causes to the lungs and throat after inhalation. By filtering and cooling the smoking through water first, bongs help reduce some irritability. Better filtration is necessary since anything set on fire emits carcinogens that might harm the lungs. While some dangerous substances are not completely removed by bong water, some are.

If you prefer smoking cannabis, two important smoking tools are rolling trays and a grinder. Smoking pot can be challenging and pricey without these extras. However, a nearby headshop is where you can purchase these things. You should do your homework before you start smoking marijuana so that you are aware of the accessories required for consuming a sufficient quantity of high-quality marijuana.

Boing sizes

Any customer would be wise to invest in a bong, but you must ensure you get the correct one for you, your smoking habits, and your tolerance. Here is some additional information regarding the various bong sizes:


A smaller bong is the greatest option for smokers who are just starting or have never used one before. Don’t worry, though; even the smaller ones deliver powerful hits. Small bongs are more cost-effective because they also frequently cost less money.


Smokers at an intermediate level may upgrade to a moderate bong, giving them a stronger hit. Anyone who has been smoking for some time should be fine with a bong that is eight inches tall.


A large-sized bong can be just the thing for long-time smokers. Tall bongs deliver the strongest hits, so we don’t advise them for beginners or those who can’t manage a lot of smoke at once. You need to decide where to buy a glass bong in Rutland, Vermont, now that you understand better which one is best for you. Customers visit Emporium Tobacco & Gifts for almost all of their smoking requirements for the following reasons:

Excellent selection:

When it comes to inventory, nobody beats us. Along with various sized bongs, we also sell glass pipes, smoking accessories, CBD products, and other things. In addition, if we don’t already have it, we’d be happy to order it for you!

Low cost:

Come see us the next time you need a bong instead of breaking the bank. We provide the most affordable pricing for all our bongs and smoking accessories. You may purchase a glass bong from Emporium Smoke & Gifts in Rutland, Vermont, whether you need a small or large one. Visit us immediately to browse our inventory and discover more about our offerings.



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