How to combine men’s accessories and shoes? Find out!


If you are a guy who likes to dress well, you must have heard about a very famous styling trick: combining belts and men’s shoes. In principle, this is one of the main tips for those who want to put together a balanced look.

But of course, the strategy is not limited to this. On the contrary: when creating a combination, there are other factors that must be carefully analyzed. This is the case with the colors, prints, and even the materials that make up the shoes and other details of a production – bracelets, scarves, caps, necklaces, etc.

The cool thing is that after you learn how to align these elements, you will find it easy to look impeccable on any occasion! So, what do you think about discovering some foolproof strategies, getting your hands dirty, and catching up?

Learn how to match your belt to your men’s shoes

To begin with, you will learn the easiest trick of all, which is to match your belt to your shoes. That’s right! For decades, many men have invested in this styling method to create harmonious combinations without much effort.

All you need is to wear belts and shoes that talk well with each other. That said, you will need to look at some important issues, the color of the items being the main one. Usually, you use the same shade for both elements. But of course this does not have to be an absolute rule.

If you want to diversify, you can bet on the so-called variant shades. Basically, such options consist of similar colors, but they can appear in lighter or darker versions than the traditional one. A good example of variant shades are navy blue, royal blue, and light blue.

Want to see how this works in practice? Here’s how it works: If you are thinking about wearing black shoes, you can go for a belt in the same color, or even a gray model. The same goes for caramel shoes, which work well with earth-colored accessories, the main ones being brown, cream, and beige pieces. Very simple!

Choose accessories and shoes with similar materials

Besides paying attention to the shades of the elements, there is another very interesting tip: to choose the pieces according to their materials. How can this be done? Just choose a shoe to wear in the look and look for accessories made from raw materials similar to the model.

There is no mystery. To get the combination right, a great idea is to invest in good old leather shoes, which can be combined with a belt, a bracelet, or a backpack made of the same material.

There are also other components that, from time to time, mark their presence in masculine productions: velvet, suede, and varnish. Although they carry a bolder and differentiated proposal, such elements can easily appear in productions for various styles and occasions. You just need to know how to use them correctly.

Are you still afraid of making a mistake? Then, during the production, give priority to neutral outfits without prints. Leave the difference in the look to the accessories and men’s shoes.

Add other accessories to the production

Tired of combining men’s shoes only with belts? A nice alternative is to complete the look with other elements that are equally stylish and functional. This way you can add information to the look and, consequently, make it more interesting.

For the work environment, you can include a wristwatch and a sophisticated bag or backpack. On the other hand, for casual events, we have the chance to be more daring and even play with fun items. Hats, ties, bracelets, handkerchiefs, scarves, and unusual glasses frames are just a few that allow you to innovate in the composition.

Just don’t forget, huh. Whenever possible, follow the trick of colors and materials. Thus, your production will be elegant and stylish in the right measure.

Bring more color to casual looks

When it comes to matching accessories with men’s shoes, most fashion experts recommend paying close attention to the shades. As we said above, the best way is to always balance the colors of the shoes with the other details of a production – from the tie to the hat.

However, there are situations in which you can leave this rule aside and dare a little more. This is possible, especially in casual events, such as a family lunch, a trip to the movies with your partner, or a bar with your friends.

In these moments, try to maintain the combination of the belt and the shoes. At the same time, you can use accessories in different shades. The wristwatch is one of them: it can come with both a colored bracelet and a colored dial.

The sporty options, i.e., those with a rubber bracelet and a digital display, should be worn exclusively on casual occasions or when exercising. These accessories also go well with fabric or leather sneakers, sapato masculino, boots, and the famous tennis shoes.

Formal events, such as work environments, business meetings, graduations, or weddings, require watches with a formal design. These are the products with a leather or metal bracelet, a dial with hands, and a discreet look. These are easy to combine, since they look perfect when worn with men’s social footwear, loafers, docksides, and oxfords.

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