How to Make a Good Travel Video for Beginners?


A few things last forever, and among them, one of the significant ones is memories. This is the reason why travellers like making memories by creating videos. You can create different types of travel video such as telling the history of the place, their authentic food, places to visit, etc.

The first thing you need to focus on as a beginner before creating videos is the type of video you want to create before you start shooting. This way, you will know the tools required, angels and shots you need to take, etc. You can check video-making techniques as they provide you with various techniques that can give your videos a professional look.

Here are some of the tips for you to help make incredible travel videos for beginners-

  1. Watch travel videos

Before you start creating your travel videos you should watch numerous travel videos whenever you get time, as this is the best way to learn travel filmmaking business. In these videos, try to observe and learn how travel videos work, formats they use, which clips were placed first and why, how the shot was framed, etc.

Watching them will help create your own video making style as you will get an insight of how to make a perfect video or get a perfect shot. Find a great place where you can get travel videos, watch them, pick your favorite travel bloggers and learn from them. 

  1. Plan your videos in advance

Let us understand this with an example, assume that you are travelling to Agra next week for filming the city’s beauty and authentic food. Think how you want your video to look and its end result. Plan if you want to speak in the video or want to add music plus list the places you want to cover or you will opt for a cinematic style.

Once you plan everything in advance, it will become easier for you to make a perfect video without wasting any time.

  1. Opt for a vlog for a more personal video

It is one of the most interesting ways of creating travel videos as you become the host of the trip. In vlogging, you talk to your viewers, give them updates on your plans and show them the latest places as you go and give commentary.

For vlogging, you will require a camera that comes with a front-facing screen; it will help you show the viewers where you are. People love these kinds of videos because they are more personal and they get more information about the place when you explain them.

  1. Choose a specific presentation trend

You might be a pro in taking shots but it is essential for you to be cautious and innovative when it comes to travel blogging. There are various type of presentations that you can use such as live streaming, using time-lapse or you want to keep a storyline, etc.

Irrespective of the type of videos you select, you will have to be confident and consistent will creating videos. You need to keep in mind that you use the similar style while creating other videos. But, you should also keep a check on the type of videos viewers like and follow the same to get more views.

  1. Rule of thirds

This rule means that before you start recording the video, take a few seconds to analyze the subject of the video, after that shift you camera to place that subject in one of the thirds of your screen. You can use your mobile phone for creating this video, there is a feature called grid that divides your screen into thirds by default.

This is an excellent way of creating videos as your viewers will get a complete insight about your subject instead of guessing what is happening outside the frame.

  1. Do the camera settings

It is recommended to do the camera settings before leaving for the trip as it takes a lot of time. I am sure you would not want to waste any time on the trip as you have various other tasks to do such as taking shots, editing, etc.

So, while you are at home check which setting best suit as per your video type. 

  1. Gear doesn’t matter

Check your travel bag and see what gears are required for shooting and take out the unnecessary stuff. Plan things and think if you will require a drone, tripod, gimbal, etc. You know it is an old saying that the best camera is the one that is with you when you require it. In fact, you can take some beautiful shots from your mobile as well.

Therefore, do not carry too much weight by carrying useless gears and carry the stuff which you know is essential.

  1. Use tools for editing

Shooting is just half the battle, the remaining is editing. You can opt for a wonderful easy to use, economical and feature-rich video editor for giving your videos a unique look. Editing is something that can make you stand out from others, therefore you can check various video editing techniques can also help.

There are numerous editors available in the market, starting from free to paid. You can choose any as per your requirements and looking at their features. Always choose the one that offers a library of pre-made templates, video LUTs, music, transitions, etc.

  1. Shoot smarter

Shoot as much as you can because when you return home, you should not regret that you had more material to work with. This does not means that you should do overshooting. There is a difference between shooting enough and overshooting. Therefore, take enough videos to have enough content to make a perfect video when you come back.

  1. Film a travel guide for informative video

If you want to create an informative video, then the best thing is to film a travel guide. To create such video, you will need a high-quality camera as viewers do not like watching videos created from a cell phone.


These are some of the best tips for creating a great travel video. Yet, there are a few more things you need to take care of, such as consistent film transitions, knowing the technicalities, keeping it human, using special editing techniques and making it more about the place and less about yourself. 


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