How to spend a death anniversary of a loved one?

death anniversary

A loss of a loved one is the most difficult phase in anyone’s life. Losing your loved one creates a vacuum in your life that cannot be fulfilled. The immediate death of a person can be painful, and sorrowful, but as we know, that time is a great healer. 

On the death anniversary, the person’s house should be prepared as his/her preference. A house is the most time spent to place in everyone’s life, So the tribute should be given to the place he/she lives the most of there memories

As time passes the person’s wound gets better and things get back to routine. The memories of the dead person still remain with us, his or her belongings always remind us of the past. 

As we spend birthdays in order to acknowledge the birth of a person, the death anniversary is marked by the remembrance of the lost loved one. In order to refresh the memories of the lost loved one, one can read anniversary death quotes and messages. This will help people to channel their feelings and emotions in a positive way.  

There are various ways in which one can spend a death anniversary and offer condolences to lost loved ones. 

Ideas To Offer Sympathies To Your Loved Ones 

There are different ways in which you can remember the day of your loved one. People from all across the world refresh the old memories of the past. Here is a list of a few ideas of how to pay tribute to your closed ones. 

Visit the graveyard 

 The first and foremost thing a person can do is to visit the grave of the dead. One can sit there and talk to them. This will bring back the old connection. This is the catharsis of the emotions and feelings that are built for a long time. 

 Sympathy cards and flowers 

We can write a sympathy card and put Iris flowers symbolizing purity on the grave. A card written in your own words full of emotional feelings can be a medium to express your emotions. 

 A phone call   

A call to your close friend or family member can lift your spirits. If you have lost your mother then you can call her sister or friends. This will help you in recollecting old memories of the past. 

 Old photos and videos 

We all live in a time period where it’s easy to keep our memories saved. The photos and videos can also help you in overcoming your sorrow. Flipping old photos and watching old reels can bring back a lot of things. 

Donations And Support 

The most humble way to offer gratitude to those who have left the world is through donations. One can collect donations and can create an organization like shelter homes, hospital or even a free food spot. This good act will build a closer connection to your loved one. Moreover, this will bring satisfaction in your heart. 

Post something on social media 

Social media is the best way to express your emotions. In order to project your emotions in the right direction you can write a message to the loved one on social media platforms. One can also 

throw light on the past events and tag others in the post. Well, there are different ways to write a proper message on social media. 

Listen To Their Favorite Songs  

Songs play an important role in expressing the feelings and emotions of a person. If someone is happy they will listen to the songs that bring excitement and joy. If someone is sad they can overcome the sorrow or sadness by listening to the sad songs. It’s a good therapy to vent out the emotions. One can create a list of the favorite songs of their loved ones and can listen to them in free time. 

 Cook their favorite Food 

Prepare the favorite meal of your loved one. While preparing the meal, we are sure it will bring back old memories that you shared. 

Spend Time With Your Friends And Family   

Don’t isolate yourself in your room. In this way, negative thoughts might consume you. If it’s just the first year of the death anniversary of your closed one, then it’s better to spend time with the people whom you are close to. It’s necessary to spend time with your close ones this can lighten your mood. 

It’s a famous proverb that “Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names”. One should always remember them by reviving the old memories. 


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