How your job might be jeopardizing your welfare

jeopardizing your welfare
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Work is an important component of life, there is no doubt about it. But problem occurs when this work becomes the sole purpose of your life. Anything that is not in moderation, trust it to be bad for yourself.

Focusing too much on work might mean higher stress levels. It might also mean that you are not spending quality time with your friends and family.

You probably also don’t have any creative outlet. When all your motions are reserved for just working, it also then means you are also not finding any outlet to distress from.

Not only does this have implications for your social life, but also your health as well. These should not be made light of; too much work problems and stress can also be behind your visit to the Cardiologist in Lahore.

Some ways in which lack of work-life balance has implications for your health include:


The most salient way that work causes problems with your health is because of stress that it brings. In small amounts, stress is fine; it plays a crucial role for your existence. However, in large amounts, stress affects your body’s entire health.

It ropes in your heart health, causing very many problems therein. It can also cause you to suffer from stomach issues, musculoskeletal problems, cognitive issues, problems with sexual health. Hence, the problems are aplenty.


Lack of time for yourself

We all need to invest in ourselves. But when work is everything, it might then mean that you are not giving your soul and body the correct nourishment. This means unhappiness, anxiety, inadequate nutrition, lack of physical activity, use of unhealthy substances etc.

How to get better?

If working too much is something you can relate to, you need to take steps for damage control. Know, that success does not have to cost you your health. If there is one thing that money and prestige cannot buy, that is health. Once lost, you cannot retract it.

Some helpful steps to take in this regard include:


Exercise is great for improving your physical and mental health. It also aids in improving your stress levels as well. Exercises like yoga and swimming can be very relaxing as well. People with sedentary jobs especially need to invest in exercise.

Get going with friends and family

Spending quality time with your friends and family is helpful in not just unwinding, but it also allows you to take a break. Moreover, they can also help in improving your mental health as well.

Similarly, taking and conversing with your loved ones can also give you perspective. Also, people will pursue you only so much; if you don’t prioritize others, then chances are they will also give up on it. These connections are precious so, don’t lose them so easily.

Start to work on better work-life balance

All of these interventions will be ineffective if you don’t work on a better work-life balance. While your job is important, it is not the purpose of your life.

So, put your foot down and limit your working hours. It might also involve you making behavioral changes; try to delegate tasks, not check your work stuff when done with the office, seek vacations and breaks.

Relaxation techniques

There are various relaxation techniques that you can practice when feeling overwhelmed with life. Some helpful coping mechanisms include yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, visualization etc. Finding what works for you is important!


There generally is a grave impact of work-related stress on your mental health. So, try to seek help from a therapist. They can help you cope with the problems and challenges that are harming your health.

Go to the doctor

It is vital that you keep up with your health. Regular checkups with doctors Best Cardiologist in Rawalpindi can help in diagnosing problems timely, so that your prognosis is better.


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